Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just show up

Things have been busy around the Worthey household.  I called my mom four days before Christmas and was discussing the holiday when she said, "what would you do if I just showed up at your door on Christmas Day?"  My response went something like..."seriously?  I would think that a little strange not letting me know". Fast forward to Christmas Day and guess what?  She showed up!

Now, that might the usual in your family, but not in ours.  You see, this is the very first time that my mother has spent any holiday with me in my home.  Marshall and I have been married almost 20 years and this is the year when she "just showed up".  Our children were in shock to see grandma in our driveway.  They were even more shocked to sit down at the dinner table with her over Christmas dinner.

We spent the last few days together laughing and yes, even dancing.  We took her to the beautiful Broadmoor Hotel and sang songs around the piano.  I got to see the joy in her eyes when she walked into a vacant ballroom at the Broadmoor and began to dance slowly to the Christmas music that was being played.  I can honestly say that the last few days have shown me a side to my mother that I have never seen.  What makes all of this extra special is the circumstances surrounding my mothers life the last few years.
My sweet mom with Hannah

You see, two years ago on January 31st when we were bringing our Naomi home, my mother's life changed forever. She was supposed to meet us at the Dallas airport to be introduced to her new granddaughter and visit with us for a few hours before we boarded the plane to Colorado Springs.  She never showed up.  The next morning I get a call from a friend in Texas asking me if my parent's were O.K. She then went on to tell me that my parents home had exploded and they were clinging to life in Parkland Hospital.

Before that moment, I had never experienced such emotions. It is hard to explain how you can go from being "on top of the world" bringing your new child home to the very bottom of the pit hearing that your parents are clinging to life.  My Stepfather ended up going home and my mom's life changed.  The last few years have been extremely difficult, but praise to our God she is recovering and even dancing in the vacant ballroom of the Broadmoor Hotel.

My mom "showed up" this Christmas.  After all the tragic life experiences she made it a priority to be part of our family this Christmas.  What a blessing to know that regardless of your life experiences, your past and all the "junk" you might carry around YOU can "just show up". As our family prepares for this next step in bringing Jacob home, we are praying that someone, somewhere will " just show up". Regardless of your circumstances you can make a difference and what a day it will be when Jacob can see with his own eyes how many people "showed up" to help him.  


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We're getting close!

If you're like us you have been uber-busy over the last two weeks.  But I wanted to take some time today in between visits with our relatives who are visiting to just say thank you to all of you who have been with us in this journey.

You have been with us in our highs and our lows and we love you guys so much.  That is why I wanted to share a huge milestone with all of you:


Mitzi's (Naomi's) sign at the Philippine Adoption Board
The signal  that it was official - It's coming Jacob - Hold on
You may notice that our chip in has changed.  It's your fault you know....We raised the money for the administrative costs with God's provision and your help.  All that remains is the travel so we wanted it to focus on those costs alone.  Over the past few months people have come from everywhere and have donated to raise funds for Jacob.  Many not thru the Blog - some have just waled up to us and said "here - bring that little boy home."  And now the administrative costs are covered.

Now we're at the last hurdle - travel costs.  As you can imagine - the cost to get to the Philippines  is pretty high - and flying standby times 6 is well, only a good idea if we want to have kids deposited all over the world (not good).  So we have to purchase the tickets when we get "the call".  This is the purpose of the new chip in.

We would not be at this stage if it were not for you.  More importantly Jacob would not be looking at a little shutterfly book and wondering what his new home IS going to be like without you guys stepping in.   I can't help but think about what he is wondering as he flips through the book.  I hope it's his best Christmas yet - knowing he's almost home.

So now we wait.  Wait for THE call.  And then it will be time.  Time for Jacob to be engulfed in the arms of the family that God (Using his People to Help) has provided him - never to be alone again.  And Time for us to remember when he called us to trust him, to step into the Jordan, to march around the city and stand still and see the Goodness of the Lord.

This is an  awesome God story - and you are in it.....


Monday, December 19, 2011


When you're passionate about pursuing a child as you must be during an adoption process it's inevitable that you develop a myopia of sorts. We are so living in the expectancy of bringing Jacob home.  We're so close - like "creation being more or less held back" in anticipation.  Myopia.  Jacob's ongoing story even though its our world right now is just one story- one in a sea of over 26 million orphans in this world we live in.

Lonely Juniper - Utah
Sunday morning our friend Anne-Marie reminded me...there are more stories. She told me about little 'J'.  His story reminds me of our Jacob - but on steroids.  J is in a group home today.  He's a 10 year old energetic little boy that has a 'history'.  Hard things happened to him. Abandoned - he has no one.  Pulled out of a 'bad-situation' at home, placed in the system...adopted twice...and given up on -twice.  He's been given the message: you're too broken...we give up - twice.  Returned to the system like that sweater you don't like - twice.  He's there and he has no one today.

As my the fog of my myopia lifted - I looked around and saw the Lord's people and thought if not us - who? There are at least ten churches within 10 miles of where 'J'  lays his head each night   -he's alone.  I can assure you that across our nation there are children right under our noses and we drive past their world each day-oblivious.

What would it look like if one family from each church in the US stepped out, took a risk and "visited an orphan"- there would be no more 'J's in 'the system' in our country.  I wonder what would happen if we- the body of Christ wherever we are sought out the 'broken' children around us.

I'm not naive.   I know that not all of us can bring a child into our home - for a variety of reasons.  But I do know there are some who can and want to.  If you can't -its ok.  But we can all be "doers of the word" an encouragement, an enabler for those who are open but lack what they need to bring a child home, we can visit 'J' in his distress by helping those that can and want to bring a child home- THAT is James 1:27 in action.  What will we do?  A "great cloud of witnesses" watches.


Friday, December 16, 2011

Adoption Blues

The last couple of days have been emotional around the Worthey home.  It all began Monday morning when we turned on the computer.  There was an e-mail from the folks at Affording Adoptions.  We had applied for a grant with them awhile back.  The e-mail read that we had not been chosen to receive any funding to help bring Jacob home.  For some reason, I really thought we had a good chance at getting a little something.  However, the bottom line is we are like so many people.  We are middle class.  We make just enough to live on, but to much to receive any help.  It was like that in college - my folks made just enough to put us "over the limit" for any scholarship money.

So, that was the beginning of my week.  Of course when you get news like that, the enemy begins his work.  My mind began to think of how much time we put in to gather all the needed papers, get the letters of recommendation and sign on the dotted lines before the cutoff date.  I thought about the remaining funds we need and how draining going through the adoption process is.  Sometimes, it is all you can do to turn on your computer and pray that someone, somewhere gets it.  I mean really gets it.

After my Monday morning pouting party, God showed up.  I know He was always there, but sometimes I am so blind to His work.  I turned on my computer and would you know that there was an e-mail from our friends who are in the Ukraine meeting their new daughter.  Reading their story and seeing the pictures of them in the orphanage blowing bubbles with their little child brought tears to my eyes.  God showed me then that what we are going through, all the unknowns and all the "bad news" we might receive - everything is in His hands.  God brought us to this place, introduced us to our son and will provide for all of our needs.  It is all worth it.

Adoption blues are real.  You have good days and you have bad days. I am so thankful that God allows us to see little reminders of His faithfulness. Whether it be by seeing a picture, reading a blog or having someone you don't even know give to your family, those are God's blessings.  That, my friend, is what all of this is all about.

 I am sure the adoption blues will visit our home again.  God did not say that changing a life would be easy and that things would happen quickly or even the way we would hope.  God did promise, however, that whenever we begin to question, doubt and wonder if we are doing the right thing that He would show up in the most unexpected places.  Please know that our family cherishes your prayers for those days when we are wondering how things could possibly ever work out- when the adoption blues come again.

Naomi's Adoption Day!  Great reminder that there will be a time when Jacob will be here

Thank you for being part of our adoption journey. Praying that this Christmas season brings life, joy, and happiness to your family.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Naomi's Day

Naomi enjoying her Birthday meal
Yesterday was a milestone in our family.  Naomi turned 10!  That's right...she is now and forever double digit. Unless, of course, she lives to be 100.  No more going back from this day forward. She began her day by eating her star muffin that is a tradition around here on birthdays. We then waited for her "birthday dinner".  This year Naomi chose tacos.  Yep, that's right - not adobo like last year.  Tacos...a good old American thing.  Her dinner was served on the Star plate complete with candles lighting the table.  She ate tacos with beans and meat, queso and even guacamole. Good ole fashion dinner for our family- we just love Mexican food around here!  I can't forget to mention the ice cream cake that Naomi chose -chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream served with chocolate syrup drizzled on it. Yummy!

Part of birthday celebrations in the Worthey family consist of the children choosing an activity to do with the family.  Naomi chose to go rock climbing in an indoor gym.  She has seen the pictures of her family doing that activity and , for about a year now, has said she "wants to do that".  So, this afternoon we are venturing off to spend the day in an indoor climbing gym.  I can't wait to watch our little 4'5 inch 42 pound Filipina put on a harness and rope and begin the adventure of climbing up a wall.  Memories will be made and pictures will follow.

Naomi having fun on her birthday
As we sat around the dinner table last night celebrating Naomi, my mind began to think of the many people who have had an impact in Naomi's life.  I wondered how her foster parents in the Philippines  felt yesterday knowing it was Naomi's birthday. I wondered if the memories of the days when she was with them came pouring back.  I wondered if they missed the sounds of the children running around in the yard and the laughter that comes with a child's birthday party.  By the looks of the pictures we are blessed to have of Naomi when she was younger, I  know that her foster parents made Naomi's birthdays super special.

We are forever grateful to a young girl who chose to have a child 10 years ago. We are forever grateful to the doctors, teachers, adults, cousins and friends who had an influence in our daughters life before we knew her.  We are forever grateful to our Lord who numbers our days and knows everything about us before we are ever born.

We wait for the day when Jacob will be eating his birthday dinner around a table with his family who loves him.  I picture the look on his face when he sees his siblings banging their forks on the table wishing him a happy birthday.  For now, though, we are grateful for the caregivers who are watching over him.  For all the adults in Jacob's life who we might never get the opportunity to meet, we say "thanks".  Thanks for taking care of our son while we wait until the day when we can tell him face to face...happy birthday Jacob!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Letters to Jacob

Well today was an exciting day around here.  We finished up the very last piece of the paperwork needed to bring Jacob home.  We are praying that everything is filled in correctly with all the signatures in place.  There is nothing quite like filling out government papers.  It can really give you a headache.

The paperwork was not nearly as fun as what came next - each of us writing letters to Jacob so that he can begin to get to know our family.  It was so fun watching the kids sit down and write, draw pictures and put stickers all over their paper that will soon be in the hands of our little boy.  All of the children had something special to say in their own way.  Joshua wrote about being over in the Philippines and eating all the good food that we are going to experience while there.  Noah wrote about sharing a room with Jacob and Jacob sleeping on the top bunk.  You know how special top bunks are!  Hannah spelled out "I love you and I am your big sister" with letter stickers.  And, Naomi, that little one, wrote the words " you have a mom and a dad - I miss you and can't wait to see you."

All of the letters were so special to me as a mom.  Special because I get to watch our children be part of this journey.  You see, the journey is theirs as well. So often we are asked why we need to spend "so much money" on airfare for all of us to go get Jacob. We must.  There is no option.  This journey is all of ours.  Jacob is all of ours.  There is no way we could ever pick or choose which children get the joy of going over and meeting their own brother for the first time.  So, we have chosen to step out on faith and trust that the Lord, who is over all things, will provide for us.

We have had some set backs with that decision.  One being, we were told by a pilot that you really don't want to fly on "buddy" passes or on stand-by when you have so many in one group and when you are traveling internationally.  It isn't like flying across America on stand-by, which in itself, can be very frustrating.  We also found out that you can't depend on miles.  Our original thought was that people could donate some airline miles to our family. There are so many people who fly often and have tons of extra miles. Well, the airlines make that nearly impossible as well.  We found out that you can only donate up to so many miles to one person at a time.  And, it cost up to $100.00 for the transfer!  Seriously? That put a damper on things.

We continue to put our trust in God who knows all of us by name and knows all of our needs before they are even spoken.  We (our family) have needs.  God knows them and you know them as well.  You have been following our journey, seen the pictures and prayed fervently for Jacob.  Will you continue praying and getting the word out?  Our family will be traveling in an airplane soon and will be able to hand deliver the other letters that will be written in the future.  Thanks to you.

I wanted to leave you with a picture of the Christmas ornament we bought for Jacob this year.  A plane -how fitting.

Jacob - we are coming air!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

All we really want for Christmas...

The Girls, Noah, Smokey
Cold.  Really cold today.  But you guessed it - it didn't stop us.  Today was the day to go and get the tree.  This afternoon Dad, Mom, Joshua, Noah, Hannah and Naomi set out to trudge through the forest in search of the 'perfect' tree.

So we bundle up, make a thermos of hot chocolate grab a bow saw and we're ready.  We head to the USFS check point to purchase a tree cutting permit -sort of a tradition for us.   Smokey the bear (Pike Hotshot in a suit) is there and while I'm purchasing the permit, Naomi cautiously approaches the bear in the hat.  Pictures - really awesome ones too.  As we saddle up and get ready to go and a familiar voice, a friend of ours Terri Miller calls out " you're not going there to cut a tree are you?"

So that settled it - we're headed to Kevin and Terri's - because they have lots of trees and none of them are "Charley Browns".  Such awesome generosity.  We follow them home and they  lay it out:  where the best trees are, where to stay away from and that's it -they turn us loose.  Question: how many of you would turn us loose on your property with a saw?  So we trudge about -and locate the perfect tree.

They invite us in when we arrive half frozen from the forest  to warm up (right in front of their lunch I might add). Almost immediately Terri, Kevin and their guests (we go to church with all of them) Scott and Hermie want to know - How is it going with bringing Jacob home.  I love that about brothers and sisters in Christ - how are you - does it go well?  It was a great but short visit (we did not want to crash lunch - even though it looked yummy). But how cool is that?  " How are you? - When do you bring him (Jacob) home?"  The body (the church) is a beautiful thing.
The Worthey Christmas Band

So we collect our tree and we go straight to tree modification.  This involves a drill, extra tree parts and artist's eye.  As the family unpacked the ornaments  I was busily creating a "bionic" tree where holes are drilled in the tree and extra branches are carefully filled in -grafted into the trunk.  Then on to decorating the tree with the family - what a great time the Lord blessed us with today.

As we spent time together Lorrie and I looked at each other often and we knew what the other was thinking: "we're one short", "I wonder what our son Jacob is doing".  It's a beautiful time of year -Christmas - celebrating the birth of our king.  For those of you who are Steven Curtis Chapman fans - "... all we really want for Christmas - is Jacob - home.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Phone Rang Today

We just wanted to give you a quick family update.  Today our family got a call from our adoption agency saying they needed us to call them.  For those of you who have adopted before you know that call.  Your thoughts begin to go wild..." is it good news - what do they want?"  Well, I called our agency back and waited for the words.  I then heard-..

"I just wanted to let you know that Jacob's papers are on their way to my office here in Colorado."
"You mean, they are in the states?"
" Yes, they were sent to our main office and I am expecting them either tomorrow or Monday."
"Seriously ?  Oh my exciting!"

That is it.  Jacob's paperwork is on its way.  Much faster than anyone expected.  In fact, the only explanation at all is that our Lord heard our cry and is working on our behalf.  Our means you.  Your prayers, your support and your love for our family have been heard by our amazing God.  He wants Jacob home - sooner more than later.

There are still hoops to go through, papers to sign and money to be raised.  However, God is working and with your continued prayers and support we just know that Jacob will be home soon.

May God continue to pour out His blessings and may all know of His goodness.

It might be cold outside, but our hearts are singing praises today!

Lorrie and Marshall

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Time for a Recheck

Well, it doesn't happen much around here, but this week it did.  We all got sick.  Yep, all of us.  It started on the Friday before Thanksgiving when we were shopping.  Our sweet Naomi put her mouth on one of those carts in the store. Yuck!  It reminded me of the time when Marshall and I took all of our kids plus my niece and nephew across the country by car to Washington D.C. in order to see the sights.  Wouldn't you know that our sweet niece put her mouth on the handlebar in the metro train.  I was so grossed out. And, sure enough, within the week, she got sick and then it went around our whole family.  Fun summer that was.

So, our Naomi is the culprit, the one who started this whole business of being sick.  And, wouldn't you know the virus loves us so much that it has gone around the entire family.  If you are wondering why there haven't been any updates to our blog, that is the reason.  I am happy to say that we are on the mend and I am actually enjoying being in front of our computer writing to you.

Naomi's illness this week reminds me of the summer she came to visit us.  After she had been here about a week Naomi got really sick.  I mean the type of sick where you, as a parent, know in your heart that something is unmistakably wrong. Marshall and I rushed a lethargic Naomi to the emergency room (she had a fever of 104.6) and we waited for what seemed like hours.  Finally, we saw a doctor, who gave us the diagnosis - strep.  Naomi was put on antibiotics and then we prayed that the lovely strep bug wouldn't make its rounds to the rest of us in our family.  God heard our prayers and we were protected. More than that, Naomi was able to spend the rest of her 30 days healthy.  When we put her back on the airplane to the Philippines, she was completely healthy - or so we thought.
Naomi sick while visiting in the summer

When we were finally over in the Philippines "fetching" our daughter we were told that Naomi had been extremely ill since she had returned from America.  In fact, she had been hospitalized and given an IV to help her.  My mother gut told me that she had never fully recovered from the strep bug and, had she stayed here, I would have brought her back to the doctors for a recheck.  Instead of that recheck I had to put our sweet Naomi on a plane and send her back to her country without that second check.

I often think of how Naomi  looked and how fragile she was when she first came to our family.  If you look at pictures of her when she first got here in January 2010 you can't believe she is the same girl now.  It is totally amazing what being in a family does for a child.  We have the proof - the before and after - of what a family can do.  Every child regardless of age or background needs the chance for that recheck.  A chance to thrive and a chance to get healthy.  A chance to be loved and a chance to grow to be the person who God created them to be.

Naomi after her recheck

I know when Jacob comes home he will get sick. The viruses will visit our home again.  And he  will probably spend days on the couch doing nothing but resting and watching TV.  The main thing, however, is that Jacob will be given the chance to get well, to be loved and to thrive. He will be given the chance to grow up and become the man that God wants him to be.  He will be given that recheck whenever it is needed.

There are many, many children who wait. They wait for the opportunity to be in a family and they wait for the chance to thrive.  And, like so many Americans, we sit back and do nothing but think how unfortunate the situation is.  But, that is not the case here. Because of your faithfulness to our family, you are not like "so many Americans".  And, with that, we are forever grateful to you.  There will come a day when Jacob gets to see with his own eyes just how many people cared enough about his life to give him that chance- that recheck if you will.  


Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Parable of the Shutterfly Book

As Lorrie and I await the documents from the government of the Philippines that will set in motion the last bureaucratic step to bring Jacob home we're making him a book. Ever heard of shutterfly?  It's one of those cloud based services that enable users to upload photographs and create a photo book - think cyber scrap booking.

Over the last three weeks, I've been working on this book. Sorting through pictures, uploading them, arranging them and adding captions in such a way that I hope convey to Jacob something about this new life he's headed for.  I finished it Saturday.  The plan is to order it this Friday and send it to him.  We're hoping to give him something, anything that will help him wrap his 11 year old mind around the fact that he is really close to finally having a family that is forever.

Naomi Opens Her Book - 2009
Now can you imagine yourself as Jacob and you receive this book?

You know you are on the other side of the planet from the people in this book you're looking at.  What is it that you feel-Hope? Relief?  Skepticism? Loved? You wonder: Is it really possible that someone actually cares just about me? After all, my mother left me, then the family that I thought was going to love me left you're telling me that these people are different?  I hope so...I hope...As you look back at the book in your hands, you turn the pages, you read the words: " have a place are are matter".  Do I dare hope?

The hope against hope that I believe Jacob and other waiting children around the world have truly humbles me.  Jacob has seen his 'best friend' and many other children taken to a new life, a life with a family. We hope that this book placed in his hands will enable him to keep daring to hope. Daring even to believe that one day maybe even soon, it will be his turn.

As I write this the Lord is bringing this to mind:  "I sent you a have a place are are matter".   I love parables...


Thursday, November 24, 2011


Naomi and Hannah with Otis who is not amused
We were catching up on some emails today when Lorrie and I saw an add imploring us to "save a shelter cat" today.  Please note we have nothing against helping shelter cats - we have a cat ourselves but we are just of the school of thought that maybe, just maybe human children that are waiting on us to take bold action on their behalf are a bit more important.  As I read the subject line - it struck me that we are never spammed with emails imploring us to help a human being.  I wonder sometimes if we've totally lost our way as humans .  But then I remember all of you...

This thanksgiving - Lorrie and I want you to know that we are truly thankful for all of you.  We are thankful for your prayers for Jacob (and other orphans) -spending today in an orphanage once again, waiting for us to arrive.  We are thankful for your monetary support that is so crucial and needed to get this done.  We have a way to go but thanks to you we are so much further along than we would have been.  I thank you on behalf of Jacob- I think he would say to all of you "thank you - I have been waiting so long".  Most of all we thank our Jesus who adopted us.

Today as you reflect on what you are thankful for, remember the children across the globe that are waiting and hoping for someone to take bold action on their behalf.

Thank you for loving us so extravagantly.

Marshall and Lorrie

Monday, November 21, 2011

The love of a Mother...It will matter

Lorrie and I were asked to speak at our church (Woodland Park Community Church) yesterday at both services.Now we need to tell you all that we're not morning people - especially on the weekend.  You see - we're 11 o'clockers - that strain of believer that wants to be awake while we give praise to our Father.  Now for me the best part of going to the 8:30 service was:  " hi welcome to WPCC - are you new to the area?" - clearly demonstrating that the Worthey's like their rest and don't hang with those 8:30 folks too often.
Lorrie and Marshall - 1991

But what a blessing it was for us to be there and tell just a small part of one orphan's story - a story that is still unfolding - one of hopelessness dissolving into hope.  As I watched my wife Lorrie speak I thought to myself what an amazing mother this Jacob of ours (and all our kids have).  In the 20+ years we've been together I have watched this beautiful woman grow, learn and become over and over again.  Lorrie never ceases to amaze me.  

What's it going to be like for Jacob to go from having no mother, to having one like Lorrie?  I think it might be like having lived with only part of the sun's rays during your days and then stepping out into true daylight.  Kind of like discovering you really do matter for the first time.  


Friday, November 18, 2011

Sisters Forever

Sometimes things are both irritating and joyful at the same time.  Today I experienced one of those things.  When the girls woke up they came downstairs and sat on the couch.  This is not an unusual activity by any means.  As they were sitting there waking up slowly, conversations began.  Being the mom I am, I began listening in on their conversation.  It went something like this...

"Naomi, you can't use coupons that have expired."
"Yes, I can".
"Mom, can Naomi use coupons that have expired?"

I continued drinking my morning cup of coffee all the while, listening to the conversation continue.

"Hannah-don't do that! Stop it!"
"Naomi, you want to share this with me?"

The conversations between siblings can be both joyful and irritating for sure.  I am reminded of the years before Naomi joined our family.  I remember our little Hannah telling us how badly she wanted a sister.  She was sick and tired of playing light sabers with her brothers. I remember how sweet Hannah was as she went through her toys and willingly  chose which ones to give to Naomi. I watched as Hannah cleaned out one of her dresser drawers and arranged Naomi's clothes neatly in it.  It seems like only yesterday when our daughter so graciously gave up her big double bed and replaced it with twin beds and divided her small closet  for her new sister.  I also remember the look on Hannah's face as she walked into the orphanage to see Naomi for the first time since putting her on the plane back to the Philippines. And, I will never forget the tears that ran down Hannah's face as Naomi walked right on past us when she saw us for the first time.

The conversations of sisters.  They can be both irritating and joyful.  As I listen to the words spoken by my daughters to each other joy fills my heart.  The sweet words that Naomi has learned and how quickly she has picked up our language only goes to show us how truly wonderful bringing her into our family is.  We would have missed out on so much had we not given this little one a chance.   The joys she brings to our family and the priceless conversations between sisters is what brings joy to my heart.

Sisters....forever together and forever in my heart.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We are not rescuers....We are rescued

Henry Mtns. Utah
So many people have approached us and told us something along the lines of..."you're doing a good thing" or that child is so lucky to have you"  and on and on.

I want you all to hear me right now.  We are the rescued.  Lorrie and I are the rescued. You are the rescued. We are only following our Father in what he has done for us -that's all.  He rescued us.  He adopted us.  He loves us.  Then he opened our eyes.  That is what adopting Jacob is all about.

Matthew 10:24 tells us that "..a servant is not above his master".  Our Master Jesus adopted us - we were all the things Jacob is:  'older child' ... 'special needs' ...we had baggage...we had pain...we were angry and hurt at being passed over...bitter.   Rescued.

How can we not love this child when God so clearly introduced us to him?  Give him the glory for all of this.  Watch and be amazed like we are.  This is really a parable - that Jesus is acting out through us and through you.

We love you all deeply,

Marshall and Lorrie

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Six Little Words...

Noah - Keyhole Canyon, Zion NP
If you look at our son Noah there is no way you would ever believe that 15 years ago he was born three weeks early and weighed in at 6 lbs 11oz. There is something else special about our son Noah.  He was born with Verbal Apraxia.  After months of wondering why he wasn't speaking, we finally received the diagnosis that would put a name to the reason why Noah would mumble at us and throw his sippy cup up to the front of the car when it was empty.  Verbal Apraxia.  Big name for the fact that Noah had a stroke while he was in my womb.

After many years of fighting our insurance company to provide services to our son and spending countless hours in the car driving to multiple therapy appointments, Noah finally began to speak.   And, things haven't been the same since!   Our 15 year old son is 6 feet tall, 165 pounds and wears a size 13 shoe.  Did I mention that he talks to everyone he meets?

We have always known that God has special plans for all of our children. However, the circumstances surrounding Noah's first few years confirm the fact that God has extra ordinary plans for Noah.  And, the reality  is - Noah is the one God used to bring us to our son, Jacob.

We had no clue the exchange of words that occurred in the orphanage on that January day.  We wouldn't know until over a year later what was said between our Noah and this little boy whom we call Jacob.  We only found the two boys sitting on a bench outside the orphanage in deep conversation.  The boys had a small toy and were taking turns playing with it.  Noah later told us that  he and Jacob were talking about life at the orphanage.  Then Noah heard the truth from Jacob. " I wish you were my brother."  Those were his exact words to our son.  Who would have thought that those six words would have such an impact on our family?

This Sunday our family will be given 3-5 minutes to speak to our church about the God journey we are on. Three to five minutes to share with those present the reasons why we are going through the "process" all over again. It doesn't seem like much time to be able to truly share our heart.  However, words do speak truth and the truth is six words changed our life. Maybe that is all the time we need.

As always, please continue praying for our family. Specifically, as we prepare for Sunday.  There is so much we would love to talk about but will not have the time. Pray that our words will speak truth, that God would be glorified and that those listening will have willing hearts to join God in bringing one of His orphans home to their forever family.

I want to leave you with a verse that I came across as I was reading a blog from a family who is in the process of adopting their ninth child.  God keeps bringing this particular verse to my mind daily.  I pray that He would do the same for you.

    "Once our eyes are opened, we cannot pretend we do not know what to do.  God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls knows we know and holds us responsible to act." Proverbs 24:12


Friday, November 11, 2011

The best thing to do ....get out of the way

Naomi - Happy
You ever felt totally out of control?  - In a good way?  I never have either until this morning.  You see, as a "man"  I like my control.  My background as a soldier taught me to be assertive, to take the initiative and execute the mission.  But what happens when you start to realize that for  the 'mission' you are on ...well you're not the lead - you're following - heck you can't even keep up with what your leader is doing.  Today I realized that I am out of control in a good way.

You have heard me say that this adoption is something we were called to do, something we're following Jesus on.  Nice churchy words those are - are they not?  So often we just say those things.  But my eyes have been opened to something as of late....Without waiting on me Jesus is leading and honestly I can't keep up with this Warrior God of mine!  Over the last two days (and during this whole process really)  I have watched him move the hearts of people who are not even reading this blog, in fact - people we haven't spoken with in some time.  Lorrie got a call this morning from an old homeschooling buddy - while on the phone she says to Lorrie - "God laid you on my heart this week - I heard you are adopting again and I want to send you something to help get  him home".  This kind of thing has NOT been the exception - but the rule since we stepped out on faith, since we said "ok God but YOU are going to have to do it - we can't:"

I really believe the best thing I've done in this journey is to get out of God's way, get my soldier, assertive initiative taking self out of His way - He's got this.  And here's the beauty of it - he's got Jacob.  He's got me and He's got you.  So if you are being called, wooed into taking bold action on behalf of an orphan - do it.  Don't sweat the resources, don't worry about how .  My eyes are now open to the fact that if He's asked you ( or me ) to do something - he's going to equip you, train you and love you enough to see it through.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh, how they grow up so fast!

Oh, the joys of children!  Sometimes I get so caught up in the day to day that I fail to see, or notice if you will, the wonders of childhood.  As our children get older and have more responsibility it can seem as though we are in a zoo.  Literally!  

Yesterday our oldest child was sworn into "almost adulthood".  By that I mean..he got his drivers license. The day Joshua had been dreaming about since he was at least 13 finally came into being.  I took the children down to the local DOR (Department of Revenue) office and waited...and waited...and waited.  Finally, our number was called and Joshua and I approached the nice lady behind the counter.  Becky, was her name.  Becky and I really hit it off because she informed Joshua and me that , according to Colorado law, Marshall and I can revoke Joshua's driving license at anytime.  Anytime!  While I was listening intently, it seemed as though Joshua was getting smaller and smaller.  I wanted to hear more.  Her words were directed to me."If Joshua rolls his eyes at you, forgets your birthday or to clean his room , makes bad grades or doesn't do his chores - you may, mom take his license away.".  I love it!  Really?  Now, I feel back in control.
Remembering when Joshua was little

On the days when I feel like I am out of control because the children are growing up so quickly I can be sure that the time spent with them is well worth it.  To see Naomi thrive in our family confirms the fact that all children need a place  to call theirs. ALL children, regardless of anything, need a family.  The problem occurs when we begin to think that there is nothing at all we can do to help these children out.  We become so caught up in our life and our problems that pretty soon we become numb to the real issue.-the issue that every child should have the exact opportunity to thrive as our Naomi has.  

I am convinced that once your eyes have been opened to the need and you have stepped out of your comfort zone you can't go back to living the life you were before.  For me, my eyes were opened way before we chose to adopt Naomi. For some of you, your eyes have been opened for the first time.  You are following our blog and beginning to see the tremendous need - God is working on your heart too!  Many of you are stepping out of your comfort zone and supporting our family by sending us a check or by donating through ChipIn.  One dear friend went as far as to put something on her own blog letting her readers know about our need.  Whatever you have chosen to do the truth is God has opened your eyes and there is no turning back.  Even if you don't pray for our family or support our family financially, the fact remains that , because you are reading this blog, your eyes are now open. And, if your heart is changed simply by reading our blog then everything we are going through to get our Jacob home is well worth it.

We know that this adoption is bigger than anything Marshall and I can imagine.  I don't know what God has in store for us in the future, but I do know that our God has a remarkable story to share with Jacob.  The story of how 11 years ago, a little boy was born in the Philippines , abandoned at one year of age and then spoke the words to a couple who had a willing heart to listen to him..."I love America , take me with you"  Every orphan has a story. The question is.."what roll will you play in their story?"

Please continue praying for our family.  The needs are still there - specifically, we need $3,500 to finish up the adoption paperwork and then the plane tickets to and from the Philippines.  God is faithful and He will provide through His people - you.  

I want to leave you with the picture of Naomi and Hannah meeting for the first time here in Colorado.  Everything was new to Naomi, but the expression on both faces says, "your ok and welcome to America".


Monday, November 7, 2011

Kidnapped, Ransomed and Redeemed

Naomi's day in court - Final!
We sent a BIG check (thanks to you guys)  via Fedex to our adoption agency today.  This is money that went  to pay the country and program fees that will in turn, release Jacob's paperwork to our adoption agency and allow us to start the final portion of his adoption here as soon as it arrives.  As I watched the Fedex envelope go I wondered to myself..."could this be considered ransom?"

This ain't our first adoption rodeo you know.  But I never cease to be amazed at the wickets everyone has to go through to rescue an orphan and tell them " matter, you are loved".  Why is caring for the orphan so hard? I think maybe it's because of the nature of our fallen world.

Along time ago, the apple of God's eye (You and Me) was stolen.  Kidnapped if you will by the enemy.  Locked up, oppressed, exploited, hope stolen.  And then Jesus opens up his ministry by making a bold statement:

The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me, Because the LORD has anointed me To bring good news to the afflicted; He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to captives And freedom to prisoners; to proclaim the favorable year of the LORD And the day of vengeance of our God; To comfort all who mourn, To grant those who mourn {in} Zion, Giving them a garland instead of ashes, The oil of gladness instead of mourning, The mantle of praise instead of a spirit of fainting. So they will be called oaks of righteousness, The planting of the LORD, that He may be glorified.

Then he says to the Synagogue rulers:  "You're lookin at him buddy"  (that's a Marshall paraphrase) ...Bold action on behalf of someone who needed it.   I was a prisoner, I was in great need, oppressed  and brokenhearted. I was adopted and freed from all of that.  Adoption...Yeah it's like that.
Naomi's First Activity with Her Brothers - Bubbles

To those of you that have contributed over the last couple of months - know that the 'ransom' sent today brings him closer to home. We still have a long way to go...more fees...then paying for 6 over and 7 back from the the orphanage to bring Jacob home.  But do you see what we're (All of us with a heart for the Orphan) acting out?  We're bringing good news on behalf of our Abba to a child that matters. That's enough for us - we're keeping on.   For those of you on your own adoption journeys - you keep matters.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Orphan Sunday

Today is orphan Sunday.  A day with a theme.... but if you are the orphan today - it's just another day.  Another day of wondering if anyone truly cares for you.  Another day being alone.  Another day waiting...for someone - anyone to look at you and value you.  Another day to wonder..."do I matter?"

As I write this our Jacob is waiting,  he's been told...someone wants you - they are coming.  HOPE! At last, "maybe I do matter" "maybe I am worth something".  He has hope after 11 years of rejection and abandonment.  Hope - finally.  One day (soon hopefully) that hope will pass into a blessed reality -to belong at last.

Today remember those millions of orphans that are still looking, still hoping for home, for someone to step up and say "you matter".  You matter.  Today there is a live event to be webcast (click here for the link) focused on this need - watch it.  Get involved however you can. 

We love you guys

Marshall and Lorrie

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Affirmation comes in the darndest places....

Affirmation.  It's what we all need whenever we're doing something hard. It usually comes in measured instances, sometimes its even rare - but when it comes its just what you need and right when you need it.  Today Lorrie and I dedicated much of the day to find out exactly what we had to do to get our first child from the Philippines (Naomi) her US passport.  We'd been told by some:  "...ohhh yeah... you got to fill this out then that takes about 6 months to approve and then you can apply for a passport and that takes a couple of months so yeah uh 6-8 months..."

You see Naomi is going with us to get her brother Jacob along with everyone in our family.  The rationale:  we want Jacob to see the family not just Lorrie and I but all of us when he meets us again.  We want him to know we're all in, we all love him and he belongs.  Picture this: We arrive at the orphanage Jacob comes into the room where we are...he sees...Naomi....Naomi his friend now his sister.  I can't get that out of my head - it is going to be the end of not belonging, being abandoned, not having a place - forever.

So really - we just don't have time for that 6-8 months.  So we head up to immigration prepared to drop 500 bucks on filing a lengthy form for some nameless, faceless bureaucrat to approve when they get around to it.  We arrive cynical (well me because Lorrie is too sweet to be cynical) not expecting much but waiting and hoping the time for them to do their thing will be shorter than what we heard.

Naomi and Hannah - Sandblasted, Great Sand Dunes NP
I love God.  He shows up in the weirdest places.  So we get this former Marine helping us and he says - "you don't need this form to get a passport - really you don't"   Lorrie and I were stunned - really!?  The guy goes onto say - "you can go to this address and go get it right now if you have all your documents"  Lorrie and I:  Really !? Really!?  So we are out... we head over to the passport place (having kept the 500 bucks that it would have cost to file the form to use toward more pressing adoption fees).

Now get this...We just want to find out what to bring when we apply for Naomi's passport and how long it will take etc.  So the guy that helps us - Adopted from the Philippines from the same adoption agency we're working with a boy now 11 from the same region as our Jacob.  Of course he's animated as he starts to help us understand what we need to do to get Naomi's passport.  Today we went from an expected 6-8 months to a week.

I don't do coincidences.  But I do recognize God showing up.  And today he did.  He affirmed what we are doing,  I believe he is "well pleased".  We needed his affirmation today and he gave it.  Never subscribe to coincidences, chance or fate.  Know that God speaks through his word, through people and through your circumstances - you my friend are never alone.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Snow Day!

Well, we woke up this morning to snow.  Actually, I woke up to my phone vibrating in my purse letting me know that I had a text.  The text said, "no school today due to the weather."  So much for sleeping in on a snow day. 

One of the children's favorite activities is sledding.  We are fortunate that we have a very nice neighbor who allows the children the freedom to use their yard as a sledding hill.  So, almost every time it snows, the kids ask if they can call and get permission to go sledding.  It is always a funny thing to see Naomi, especially, dressed up in her "snow gear".  She truly LOVES the snow.  Funny for someone coming from a place where it NEVER snows!

I wonder what Jacob is going to say the first time he sees the snow, puts on hats and gloves and attempts to slide down a hill on a sled.  Little did I know that after almost 20 years of marriage we would be doing the "firsts" with the children all over again.  First time to see snow, first time to touch a big dog, first time to go swimming, first time to go to a movie theater. You name it there are so many first that come with adopting an older child from another country.  Makes you stop and think about how fortunate the children are who grow up in a family and get to experience those first at a young age.

Speaking of growing up - I wanted to answer the question some of you have asked,"why are you adopting an older child"? Well, to be quite honest, when we decided to adopt Naomi I really was over the diaper stage.  Marshall and I had been out of diapers for about 7 years and we really didn't want to go through the baby stage again. You have to remember that we had 3 in diapers at the same time.  We actually had a party when the last one was out of diapers.  We really enjoy being able to go out on dates and the little bit of freedom we have since the children are older.  When we began our first adoption journey those were the reasons.  Now, it is a different story....

We realize the magnitude of the need for older child adoptions.  Millions of children are passed over due to the fact that they are older. I heard that in some places of the world, there are predators lurking outside the orphanages just waiting for the day the children are released so that they can "have them".  You know what that means?  For girls, it may mean becoming prostitutes, for boys there is nothing left but getting involved with drugs or a gang.  You name it, the bad people have their eyes on the kids and they know their names.

When we got matched with Jacob last week we were given his updated information.  We found out that Jacob is now the oldest child in the orphanage.  He watches day after day as the younger children leave with a family. All the while, our son waits and more often than not, wonders if he will ever have that family.  But, there IS hope.  With God's help, your prayers and your sacrificial giving to our family, Jacob WILL have a family.  Jacob will never have to experience falling prey to the predators that wait. 

We are so very thankful that, with your help, we are able to write the first check to bring Jacob home - one step closer.  We will be mailing that check tomorrow via  priority mail.  We called out and you answered.  Many of you have donated your time and your money to bring our Jacob home.  With that, may you know that you will have a part of Jacob's life. Forever.

There are still hurdles to jump over,and mountains to climb. One of the biggest ones is air fare for 6 going to the Philippines and 7 coming home.  We stand at the base of the mountain and know that our God will provide and He will answer our cries for help. If you have ever doubted God's provision, just keep reading our blog -starting from the beginning - and I promise you will see God work. 


Monday, October 31, 2011

$40.00 on candy?

Pinoy Sagagawea
In just a few more hours our precious girls will begin dressing up in the costumes that they chose last week.  It is the one time of year when your imagination gets to run wild and you can be anything you want to be.  Last year our sweet Naomi got a taste into the American thing called Halloween.  I remember the look on her face when I took her to the store and she got to pick out a costume.  Strange for a Filipino to watch us Americans run around in costumes going from store to store saying "treat or trick".  It is even more strange that people give you candy when you say that.

Last year Naomi dressed up as an Indian.  I really don't know if she had ever seen one before, but that was the costume she chose.  Tonight, she will be a policeman....or woman?  Out of all the great costumes put in front of her to choose, she chose to be a policeman...seriously?  Oh, is her night I guess.

Even mom gets in the fun!
My mind keeps thinking of how strange it is for someone coming from another country to watch us.  I heard somewhere that the average American will spend $40.00 on candy during this time of year.  Wow!  $40.00 just to give candy ( treats) out to children who knock on our doors and say, "trick or treat".  I remember how fun Halloween was for me growing up, but now, as an adult I have to take a step back and re-evaluate things.  Mostly, because, for me, my eyes have been open to something much greater and I am so glad they have. 

All over the world ( and here in our country as well) there are children who will have no chance to experience a trick or treat.  They will never be able to pick out a costume, carve a pumpkin or go to a church to play games.  All the while, we spend our precious money buying extravagant costumes and tons of candy for the children who are given that opportunity because they are in a family.  Because someone cares enough for them to make sure that tonight is the best night ever.  One question still haunts me -if one is able to spend $40.00 on candy, is one able to give $40.00 to help a child experience something that will last longer than one night? 

When we were in the orphanage in the Philippines we gave Naomi a chocolate bar.  There was a knock on the door and our Jacob was there.  We invited him in and gave him a chocolate bar. That one bar given to Jacob changed his life.  That is what God used.  It wasn't $40.00 worth of candy. It was a dollar's worth. 

Some wonderful people have been praying for us and supporting our cause.  Today, I found out about an opportunity for those of you who write or know someone who does.  Please visit: to see how you can be entered into a drawing to win a 4000 word manuscript critique.  Our family was also featured in the local newspaper.  You can view the article online or buy a paper on Wednesday. One more exciting thing happening in the Worthey home is our radio interview.  There will be a 10 minute radio interview on Thursday, November 3rd at 10:00am.  When I get the details, I will post it for you. 

I leave you with a picture of the girls last Halloween and also with the question...can you spare $40.00 to bring an orphan home?


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gifts that we hardly feel worthy to pick up...

Drawn by Naomi (Then Mitzi)
When we started this journey the Lord made it clear to us that He was going to lead and that He was going to provide (read our very first post). We brought a few loaves and fishes and through you - He's multiplying it.  I'm chuckling to myself now thinking "..why did you doubt?" - He has always proven He's more than able.

God has used you to care for orphans and has moved mountains on their behalf this week. Just look at what has happened just this week:

  • We were matched with THE child the Lord laid on our hearts by the Philippine government -that was not a given people... But it was to the Lord ;)
  • There was a SURGE in giving this week when the need came ...He's always just in time....
  • This really blew me apart - another family at roughly the same stage as us in their adoption journey gave to ours - 
 I still don't know what to do with this extravagant love the Father lavished on us through this couple and all of you that showed up this week.  It's really humbling that God is doing exactly what He said He would do when we said yes to Him and to Jacob.  We are humbled, we are undone when gazing back at the events of the week - rivers beginning to part, walls with cracks appearing...  We're not there yet -there is still much, so much yet to be done.  But know this - We thank God for all of you.

Marshall and Lorrie

Saturday, October 29, 2011

In Anticipation I'm Remembering...

I can't believe we are getting so close to bringing Jacob home.  I woke up thinking about it this morning and remembered what it was like bringing Naomi (then called Mitzi) home.  Many of you that are on your own adoption journeys have asked us "what is it like when you finally came home?  I want to give you a snapshot.

This is video of us about to depart from Ninoy Aquino airport in Manila with our precious cargo - our daughter.  I want you to notice two things:  Naomi's cautious but excited and optimistic attitude, and the look on Lorrie's face ... Moms and Dads - this says it all.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Keep it Coming

We want to say "thank you" to all of you who have already helped get Jacob a little closer to home.  Some of you have donated multiple times. Some have linked our page to your facebook page.  Others have called your family and told them our story.  Many of you have prayed for Jacob and our family.  Yet, the need is still here - it doesn't just go away.  Here is how YOU can keep it coming....

 It is exciting around here.  Watching the kids carve pumpkins, bake the seeds and pick out fall festival costumes brings joy to my heart.  It is truly a fun time of year.  I love watching the look on Naomi's face as she runs across a pumpkin patch.  The simple things in life bring her the most joy.

At the same time I am reminded of our Jacob who waits for us to "fetch" him.  I am reminded of the room we were placed in at the orphanage and the knock on the door. That was our invitation to our son.  That particular day, that simple knock and those precious words, "I love America, take me with you.:"  That, you see, is the day our life changed forever.  Yes, we were at the orphanage to bring our daughter home, but God had a bigger plan for us - one we could have never imagined. 

The other night I wrestled with God.  I was mad.   Mad because we were in this situation. My conversation with him went something like this..." God, why us?  Why would you call us to do something this big?  Why are we  the ones who have to reach out and keep asking those we know for financial help?  I don't like this one bit Lord.  We need the money now and there seems no way to get it!  The funds aren't coming in Lord. You know the needs around here, the broken car, Naomi's citizenship papers that we need to get before we can travel.  The mountain seems so big and us so small.  WHY are we doing this?"  His answer was "why not". 

Some would say that Marshall and I have chosen to adopt Jacob and that we are "doing what we want to do" as it is a choice.  I want to tell you that it isn't a choice - it is a command and shame on us if we don't.  When we met Jacob and he spoke those simple words to us right then God was working.  It is God's choice for Jacob to be in our family.  From the beginning of time, God knew Jacob would be in our family - he had a plan for Jacob's life and that plan was to be a Worthey.  So now, we step out on faith and watch as God does His work.  However, that doesn't mean it is easy.  And, it doesn't mean that I don't talk to God often telling Him that I really don't enjoy what is happening here. 

When we turned on the computer yesterday we saw that there had been a donation to our family.  It came from a family who is in the process of adopting .  Yes, they are waiting for their child and somehow they came to help our family.  I keep hearing, "Oh, I really wish I could help, but I just can't fact, I would love to write you a check right now."  I don't know the circumstances of your life, or what is happening in your family, but I do know that most of us in America have some extra money put away for "a rainy day".  One of my friends told me a little while back that the reason people don't give is because they haven't caught onto the vision yet.  They don't know what you know Lorrie, they haven't been in your shoes or seen what you have seen.  Here is just a little glimpse into what I have seen and the changed life I have witnessed.

It is really simple.  Changing a life and making a difference doesn't mean that you have to go to extreme measures. It doesn't mean that you must sell all  your possessions and give them to our family. Here's what it means...

We got an e-mail from our adoption agency yesterday saying that they will let us pay the first portion of our fees to the Philippines first before we have to pay their portion.  So, it looks like this. - we need to come up with $4,300.56 to send to the Philippines right away.  As of this morning we have $3,470.00.  That means we only need $830.56.  Once we get that money, we will be able to send a check to the Philippines and they will send Jacob's stuff over to get it into our government. - Basically, the ball will be rolling.    After that, we will still need $3,500.00 to finish up the adoption and of course, the plane fares.  If 83 people could donate just $10.00 each, we would have enough money to get the ball rolling. 

Wow!  That's exciting to know that for just $10.00 you can be part of changing a life.  So, we are asking you, would you please go to the chipin button on the left of this page and send our family a $10.00 donation right now?  Jacob waits and God is calling you to help. 

May God continue to go before us and may everyone see HIS mighty hand

The Worthey family

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We've Got the Joy Joy Joy Joy Down in our Hearts

Today is the first day of a new beginning.  No, we don' t have our Jacob home yet, but we know that he is ours.  This is huge! 

Last night our son , Noah, told us that the thing he feared the most in life was not being matched with Jacob.  To quote him, " now I have nothing to fear".  Today takes on a brand new meaning.  Noah also shared that the night before last he had a dream that we had gone over to the Philippines to see Jacob.  When Noah saw the pictures of Jacob that the Philippines sent he said, "mom!  Jacob is wearing the same shirt in the picture as he had  on in my dream"!  Amazing stuff to watch the faith of a child.  I know that Noah and Jacob will be the best of friends and brothers.

Some of you have shared your hearts for our family on my facebook page.  Thank you for the kind words and the prayers.  We have felt them. They have carried us through the days when there was no call and we didn't know the outcome of things.

 I just realized that there was no link to this blog on my facebook page.  I was seriously wondering why there hadn't been much response by my friends on the blog and now I know why - there wasn't a way to it.  Now, there is a way to get to this blog.  Please join the site and pass our information along to everyone you know - seriously!

This picture was taken on the day that Naomi was to go back to 
thePhilippines the summer she came over here . 
Her expression says it all.

We have been asked what's next? When will he be here?  How far along are you in the process?  So, I will do my best to answer those questions.  When we told the Philippines that we accept Jacob's referral , they expect the last of our payment.  In fact, we got an invoice today for the rest of the adoption fees - $7,500.00 and some change.  Until we can come up with that money, nothing will move forward.  Once we are able to get the funds together, the Philippines will send over Jacob's information (birth certificate,etc...) and then we wait for the approval on our government - The I-800 to be exact.   Once all of that happens, we wait for "the call" again saying that we can travel.  The rest will be history.

Naomi having a good time in the pumpkin patch

We really have no idea the time frame.  We keep thinking that if everyone we know - and those we don't could just donate $10.00 of their money to our cause we would have enough to begin the next step.  Sounds SO easy - but that isn't happening.  Here's the honest truth:   If you have been waiting for the "official" match or just to see if it will really happen,  it is time.  We need your help.  Without you -it won't happen.  Would you just give $10.00 to Jacob?  If you do, I know you won't be the same watching him grow up or hearing the stories of his life.  You won't be the same because YOU helped him get here.

May God bless all of you as you continue to follow our blog and help us get the word out!  We can sing it now. "I have the joy, joy, joy , joy down in my heart"!  Can't wait to teach Jacob that song!!

Lorrie, Marshall, Joshua, Noah, Hannah, Naomi and our Jacob who waits - will you help him join his family?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How the Lord moved really he moved big time

San Paolo, Leyte, Philippines
Today brought God news... We were contacted by the Philippines today.  They have matched us with Jacob and sent us a placement proposal.  Now you need to understand... this was not a given, there are MANY children that are waiting to be adopted in the Philippines - many.  So what are the odds that they would match us with this specific child that imprinted himself on our hearts when we were first there? From the world's perspective - pretty slim.  But you see as  redeemed people - that is not our perspective.  We stepped out on faith to pursue one child, this child - Jacob (see earlier post: I Like America Take me With you).  We stepped out because he laid it on our hearts.  Just look at what he is doing people!  This Psalm says it all for us - celebrate and praise him who is able to do immeasurably more than we can think or ask for....

May the LORD answer you in the day of trouble! May the name of the God of Jacob set you {securely} on high! May He send you help from the sanctuary And support you from Zion! May He remember all your meal offerings And find your burnt offering acceptable! Selah. May He grant you your heart's desire And fulfill all your counsel! We will sing for joy over your victory, And in the name of our God we will set up our banners. May the LORD fulfill all your petitions.
Psalms 20:1-5 
Sing with joy with us!!!
-Marshall and Lorrie