Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Home and then back again.

As you know we've not been writing much lately.  So the last post left us at 45 days in the same room - quarantined. Jacob spent another two weeks in room 760 at Denver Children's Hospital.  He was in the same room from March 21 - May 19.  So the prayer was "Lord, let him be home for his Birthday" and that prayer was answered.  We celebrated his 14th birthday at home.

What a beautiful time that was!  He was reunited with his best buddy (Naomi) for MAJOR romps in the Colorado sunshine.  He was able to just be Jacob, hanging with his big brother Noah his sister Hannah and play with the dogs.  He was able to be simply speaking himself.

The only difference was frequent Dr's appointments and Mom and Dad gearing up to flush his brovi catheter (two people who chose careers other than medicine for a reason).  The last appointment was a bone marrow biopsy and getting the news - "blasts were found".  - No remission.  Leukemia coming back.  Pretty hard news after a great two weeks of "normal".  Shock.  Anger. Fear.  Lorrie and I had all of that within about 3 hours of the news.

So the procedure is when you don't achieve remission on the first round you are fast tracked to the bone marrow transplant lane.  This is a place we had hoped not to go.  But once again here we go - Jacob is once again running down there with a smile on his face beckoning Mom and Dad to follow.  Where does his courage come from?

He's not said so - but it seems to me he's like a kid hollering at his dad from a cliff to catch him as he launches himself totally confident that Dad will catch him - he just ...does it.  But you know what I think?  I think he know's who's arms he's jumping into.  My arms are a small, very small metaphor for the real arms that catch us - His arms- the Carpenter's arms.  Its breathtaking to me.  I want that courage. I have learned so much from my children.

I said earlier that this is not a sprint - its a marathon.  It's true.  But know this our family is now yelling "Catch us Daddy!"  And I fully expect to land in those strong arms - maybe even listening to a giggle from a 14 year old boy as I land.  So the way ahead:

- We're now on day 2 of a 6 day chemo session.  We hit zero, come back hopefully having achieved remission.  Then we transplant.  We have no idea what this looks like.  Sounds awful. But  he's down there and we better catch up.  So what do we need?  Prayer, cheaper gas prices and to become artists at making things as normal as we can for our kids.

We Love You All.  - will try to write more often - but th ese last two weeks at home - we were just basking in the glow of a happy young man and a family reunited if only for a short time.