Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Family of Seven

After a long  year of waiting the day has finally arrived.  We are "officially" a family of  seven!

Let us introduce you to Jacob Ford Worthey who is named after my wonderful grandfather.

Every adoption is different, just like every child is different.  For some reason, it seemed as though the "day" would never get here.

Jacob brings so much joy to our family. He enjoys being silly with his siblings. He fits right in.

He now has a family to call his own. Brothers and sisters who love him.

And a mom and dad who think the world of him.

Yes, Jacob your last name is now Worthey.  We knew you were ours the minute you told us, "Naomi is my best friend...I love America...take me with you."

We came to get you as soon as we could.  There were many people praying for you to come to our family quickly.

God has a plan for your life.  Never again will you be alone. Never again will you have to wonder if you matter to anyone.

You are now part of a family - our family.  We promise to love you, watch over you and teach you all about life.  You are a gift to us.  Welcome to the family Jacob Ford Worthey.  Let the fun and adventure really begin!

Mom and Dad