Monday, March 25, 2013

And We Wait...

God does amazing things when you step out and follow His call on your life.  Sometimes, you don't see those things right away.  In fact, often times you don't see the real benefits until years later.  This week I am beginning to see the amazing things God is doing in the life of so many friends. We all play a part of in God's overall plan for His children.  Some of us are called to adopt, some of us are called to lead groups, some of us are called to simply be that listening ear and encourager  when the hard times come.  Whatever part you are playing - please know that what you are doing really matters.

I just found out that yet another friend of mine is adopting.  Honestly, when we first felt the "call" six years ago, I would have never thought friends of mine would walk in my shoes.  I was the first in "my circle" to even think about adopting.  Quite honestly, many people thought we were absolutely crazy to consider bringing an older child into our home.  People REALLY began to question our sanity when we told our friends that we were taking the plunge yet another time and bringing a pre-adolescent boy into the family.  I think many friends just about fell over with that news. However, we followed the call and are now the proud parents of two Philippine children.  What a gift we have been given!

I had a friend write to me the other day and tell me  they were thinking of adopting.  I had someone else tell me that because of  this blog they are considering adoption as well.  It is humbling to think God would use a family with no money, a family that only has a three bedroom home and 5 children to make a difference.  The bottom line is - you don't need to wait until you have money or more bedrooms.  If you wait until the "perfect time" you will be waiting a LONG time.  Who knows?  God maybe using your story to impact another life - just like God has used our story to impact others.  So, stop sitting on the fence and begin living the life God has called you to live.  There are so many children who need people who are willing to go the extra mile and do the hard things so that they can have a family to call their own.  Why wait any longer?

I am so thankful we have had the opportunity to tell our adoption story.  Our story is just beginning. I can't wait to share more.  Please continue to pray for us as we continue to wait for our fingerprints to come back. It is at that time when we can go to court to finalize Jacob Ford Worthey's adoption. We will keep you up to date for sure. Until then...we wait.


Naomi when she came over for the summer to visit - then known as Mitzi

Naomi this summer  - three years in America