Wednesday, May 7, 2014

45+ Days and....You.

I have never heard of a kid that can stay  in a room (one room) for 45+ days and still be happy.  Jacob has. His attitude blows me away.  He is no kidding, honest to goodness happy.  One of the nurses told me today that Jake has a 'list'  -of nurses that like to care for him.  Now what guy wouldn't want that!?

Do you know why that is?  It is his heart.  He "just want(s) to get better". The most negative thing I have heard him say during this whole thing is "I'm bored".  Really?  Who wouldn't be.  But I have heard that maybe twice.  He did get in a bad mood yesterday though - want to know why? Nope - not being stuck in a room for 45+days.  Nope- not because he has leukemia.  -Because he lost a part to the R2D2 lego kit that dear friends bought him.  Do you believe that - it's true!  So you know what he does?  He just goes into his spare lego parts bin and jerry rigs it to work - expertly.
The coolest globe ever - sent by friends

Why this positive attitude?  I think it is because people like you are holding him up in prayer and our God has taken up residence in this room.  There is something supernatural going on with this boy and with our family.  Its both beautiful and awe inspiring.

What's beautiful you ask?  Well for starters the courage of a young man that comes from somewhere both deep inside and from God.  And then there is the blanket of love our family has been cocooned in by both friends and complete strangers.  Our church family mobilized and are helping us get Jake's room ready for him (ensuring its ready for an immune compromised occupant).  People are coming out of the woodwork to help.  Our church, other churches all over, my Mom's Sunday school class, my Dad's church, home school groups, MoPs moms that Lorrie worked with, co workers, friends, neighbors you name it - all being the hands and feet of Jesus.  Such generosity, such beauty.

What is awe inspiring is the fact that God is using you to carry us, to hold us, to speak peace to us - and I mean the family - not just Jacob.  People often ask us "how's Jacob?"  I have lately answered them "He's fine - its the rest of us that are all banged up."  So you know what these people do?  They step in and patch us up.  They give us a break, they come spend the night with Jacob, they buy us gas, they bless us with meals and above all else they pray -and they patch us up so we're not banged up any more.
R2D2 Lego Kit

I have been humbled to watch and experience these people, this church.  It's like the hands of Jesus himself carrying us.  No.  It is the hands of Jesus holding us -and now I see it.  This is the clearest understanding of the church -what it really is that I have ever had.  The church, what the word refers to as His Bride is

I think you can only see this if you have been on the receiving end of abundant grace as we have been these last 45+ days.  Don't run from trials, don't fear them - it will open your heart to receive gifts that you would otherwise never understand.  Experiencing all of you is a great gift.

Now for Jacob:  We're finally seeing some movement (a little) in his blood work.  The indications are that his bone marrow might be waking up.  The biopsy from last Tuesday showed no Leukemia that's huge - it means the first round of chemo did its job.  So we need the right cells to come back so he can come home for a short visit - then round two of chemo.

We love you all.