Monday, May 21, 2012

Worship, Birthdays and Blue Bell

Jacob's Favorite Zoo Animal
So many firsts this week.  Eyes full of wonder as they contemplate everything new.   Sunday we went to worship and oh it was great.  Great to go back to the throne to say to the Lord:

"YOU DID IT!!!"  Just like you said you would, just like you enabled Israel to cross the Jordan,  to march around walls and watch them crumble - You did it Lord just as you promised!"

The next thing was to watch Jacob as everyone said "hey Jacob!" - while he's thinking "uhhhh how do they all know me?"  What a great day - on Sunday we felt like we were finally home. So just a bit of advice - If God tells you He's going to do something - believe and then duck!  Because it is going to happen.

Sunday was also Jacob's 12th birthday.  He never had one like this before - first the Zoo and then a meal of Dad's adobo (a Philippine staple) and  then gifts and cake with blue bell ice cream.  This morning he told me"that was the best birthday ever".  It's fitting, the first birthday with a family, "coming home to a place he'd never been before".  I am in AWE of my Father.

Naomi - A Blue Bell Queen
So you probably want to see pictures.  Well, we can't per our adoption agreement for another 11 months.  So I guess you'll just have to come worship with us next Sunday.  Come and worship the one who does what He says he's going to do, the one who 'meant' you and me and Jacob when he said "Let there be". We invite you to 'be' with us today.

The Worthey's

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rocky Mountain High

The Cover of John Denver's Album by That Name
Jacob woke up yesterday morning in a place he'd never been before - home. Now I hate to quote John Denver but I keep thinking of that line in one of his songs:  "...he was born in the summer of his 27th (11th) year...coming home to a place he'd never been before..."   I watched him as he was amazed at all the new things - really, his eyes were the size of silver dollars all day.  As I watched him lost in wonder, I wondered what he was thinking as he experienced new smells, new sights well ... new everything.

My goodness what a day.  The first of many.  The best thing I saw was he and Naomi, his old friend headed into the woods to get a primer on outdoor play in Colorado sunshine.  If you think you can't adopt an older child...think again.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Back on line...

Padre Burgos
I bet you were wondering where we have been!  We're now back in Manila.  The last day in the Philippines. For the last week we have been as far south in Leyte as you can get at a place called Padre Burgos.  After retrieving our precious package in Taclobon (and ensuring everyone was healthy - thanks for the prayers as Naomi recovered as you prayed).

We journeyed South across the most beautiful country  - imagine....jungles, rice patties, ocean - blue of a kind you've never seen. we were awed by the beauty of this country that gave us two of our children.  We stayed at a place called Padre Burgos Castle and it was the perfect place to just sit with our Jacob and let him absorb that he finally has a family, a home.  It was a wonderful and fulfilling time for us as a family - Jacob left that place very much part of our family.  As we snorkeled, swam, explored and just laid on the beach there something wonderful happened...Jacob became part of us, he became what we knew he would be....son and brother.  It's like he's always been here.       

Visiting Everett
We  returned to Manila on Thursday, 10 May.  Another beautiful drive through this exotic and beautiful country reaching the airport in Taclobon around 3 PM.  Funny thing about that airport -  as you wait everyone is facing the same way in seating very similar to  movie theater - so we did what came naturally to us - moved to the only available space (the front) and became the show.  Lots of wondering who these 2 Filipino kids are with this obviously foreign family - it was funny.  We boarded the plane - whisking us home.  As I watched Jacob look out the window - I knew it was both hard for him and exciting at the same time.  There are people, good people that we know (and have grown attached to ourselves) in Taclobon that love this boy too.  He has friends in the orphanage and many tears were shed.  I wish I could understand the deep water that was stirring in his heart as we flew away from Taclobon.

Who the Artist Saw this AM
Yesterday we paid a visit to my uncle Everett.  The first visit from family since he left Texas in 1940 to be stationed in the Philippines.  At the US cemetery there is a memorial to those who's bodies were never recovered and I found him.  I could not help but think that he was smiling as he saw one of his family with his family - and low and behold two of them are Filipino.  Naomi told me later - she "asked God to say hello to him" for her.

I'm not even trying to understand the depth of all we have experienced - I'm just soaking in it - taking it in. So here we are in Manila watching as a local artist by the name of Alberto Magsumbol sketches the two great gifts given to us by this great country. As I reflect, I just Praise the Lord who made us all...who was, and is, and is to come....  Have a blessed day.

The Worthey Clan

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wouldn't you know it....It happened. We have a sick little one.  Miss Naomi woke up today throwing up and with a fever.  So we once again covet your prayers.  Please pray for her speedy  recovery and for the health of the family.  Pray for Jacob today.  His party to say goodbye to his caregivers and the other kids in the orphanage is today.  Naomi is sad to be missing it (and I am too as we need to nurse our  little Naomi).

POSTSCRIPT - I'm writing this about 6 hours later... Little Naomi is fine now.  Thank you for your prayers!

We love you guys