Sunday, March 22, 2015


Every time we checked Jacob into the hospital for his treatment one of my routines was to hand the team on the seventh floor a coin I carried in my wallet.  This coin was and still is incredibly meaningful to me.  I received it as acknowledgement for a 'job well done' while supporting a very important operation when I was in uniform - for years carrying that coin reminded me that I had participated in something that mattered.  My background in the military taught me how to do many things - hard things and some very important things. but as far as healing Jacob I was powerless.

Having a child that sick - well it makes you feel powerless  no matter what you've done before -because now are the civilian you always felt sorry for.  I always knew that as far as my doing something to help, to heal Jacob - well I was out of my league.  The team at children's - they were the pros.  They were the A team.

Each time as Jacob settled into his room for another round of chemo, I walked around the corner to the nurses station and asked for a piece of paper and some scotch tape.  Each time I took the coin out of my wallet and taped it to the paper along with a note: "please take care of my son."  The nurse would then take that note with the coin attached and hang it on the wall in what I would call their team room.  During each stay there were times I saw these healers tap the coin on the wall as they walked if they were going to war - to remind themselves that what they did that day mattered.

The day Jacob died one of the last things I did was to go into that team room as the docs and nurses watched.  I took down the coin, and placed it back into my wallet and  I told them " you are still my team and I love you".  Then I took Naomi's hand and made the walk down the long hall that leads you off of the 7th floor.  As I walked, I  thought to myself - I want them to remember what a great team they are.  A couple of days later Jesus laid it on my heart to create a coin for our team of friends, prayer warriors, nurses and doctors -each of them loyal allies who were used by Jesus to carry us through this operation that was more significant than any operation in any earthly war.

The design came easily.    The elements were intuitive... first, "Mahal Kita".  Jacob taught me how to say "I love you" in Tagalog.  Our family crest - a story in and of itself for another time - "  Suus Quercus" - "His Oak".  The Adjectives around the crest... "Compassionate Service", "Loyal Ally", "Warrior", "Healer" and...."Friend" - each one describing what is true about the hearts of our team.

Over the past few weeks our family has been "coining" our loyal allies.  This past Thursday we walked  back down the long hall on the 7th floor, not to hang a coin on the wall but to give this team of incredible warriors their own 'well done', their own team coin.  As Lorrie and I started the walk down the hall carrying the heavy box of coins, we held each other's hand and reassured each other that we were 'ok'. And then around the corner...familiar and women we loved and have missed.

Lorrie and I took great pleasure that day in 'coining' some of our loyal allies who fought so boldly for Jacob and for us. There were many tears.  Many who told us "I am so glad you came back to see us"  also said  "this must have been so hard for you but we needed to see you - thank you".  Healing.  For us and for them.  Healing...exactly what was needed.

This trial was our most desperate hour. Our loyal allies brought their glory, their unique  gifting to the fight for us - each of you brought it.  You gave it and in the process we believe that the kingdom was proclaimed... I happen to believe that the very gates of hell were shaken by you.

We Love You All.....FIERCELY


Not only so, but we ourselves, who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies...Romans 8:23
...found on the edge of the coin