Thursday, September 5, 2013

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress..."

We were contacted today by our adoption agency and we learned that a family who had been matched with a brother and sister in the Philippines decided not to pursue their adoption. They were at the point where the children were awaiting their visa appointments - that is so close to home. Can you imagine? When you were so close to home you and your brother are alone -again.

Here is a description of this brother and sister: "The sister was born in January 2004 and the brother was born in July 2008. The little guy was born with congenital heart disease and is on a list now for a year in the Philippines awaiting heart surgery. "

If you are thinking of adopting - Hebrews 4:7 says Therefore God again set a certain day, calling it Today, when a long time later he spoke through David, as was said before: "Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts." Now I know this scripture speaks to hearing and receiving the gospel - But when I heard about this it came to my mind immediately.

Some of you might say "but adopting older kids is hard" -granted. But if you read this blog you will know that it is more than doable - its beautiful.

If any of you are hearing his voice now. Today might be the day. Call Kim at 970-226-8948 if you want to hear more.

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress..."

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

All our fountains....

Rock art: The Virgin
Ok.  So I want to just apologize for not posting as much as we have in the past.  But hey we're living it now !  Family of seven with 5 amazing children, and oh what a blessing.

This past Labor Day weekend we did what we love - we went camping in the San Luis Valley.  Boy did we need to unplug.  You know the deal:  work, stuff, more stuff...we really needed to get out - so we did and it was wonderful!

Since his arrival Jacob has marveled at the pictures of his siblings playing at the Great Sand Dunes.  And he wanted to go bad.  So first stop - Great Sand Dunes National Park.  We stopped and the kids shot up the dunes (about 500ft up).  We  marveled at creation, used sleds to zip down the dunes and well - we just unplugged in God's creation.  We marveled at the azure blue sky contrasted with the brightness of the sand on the background of the Sangre De Christo Mountains.   But sand in August is well ....HOT.

To cool off we checked out of the sand dunes and went to the cooler climes of Zapata Falls - a cascading waterfall that falls into an almost totally enclosed canyon with 45 degree water.  Once again wonder and awe of the one who made it all. Jacob and Naomi clambered up the creek and took in the jaw dropping spectacle of fountains of water and mist on the rocks grinning from ear to ear.

Jacob AKA Spider Man
But now we were cold.  -Good thing Dad had them staying at the Sand Dunes pool - sort of an oasis in the middle of the San Luis Valley that sports a hotsprings pool filled with 98 degree water - once again a fountain, warm and soothing.  The kids romped an played in the water - Hannah trying her best high dive, Noah in total chill mode and Jacob and Naomi getting thrown into the water by Dad and loving it. Oh and Mom?  Yeah in the "therapy pool" (who needs calgon right?).  A great day was made even better when our oldest Joshua decided to show up after work - Perfect we're all together now.

Josh Helps Mom Cheat

The next day we went to Penitente Canyon on the West side of the Valley. Travelling across the valley man the vistas you see - its just big.  Clouds, sun, distant storms, Once at Penitente we hiked and you know us.... we broke out the ropes, courtesy of our son Joshua.  Most got to get on and climb one of the bolted routes in Penitente.  Josh has become quite good and set up an anchor and helped his Mom,

Hannah and Jacob take a crack at the 40 ft Rock.  Jacob was at first not so sure about it but we encouraged him to try...he did and he's a spider!  And then the fountains came again - a thunderstorm from the Southwest - And anyone knows that being on a rock + lightning = bad ju ju.  So we cleared the route as the rain started to fall and started running back to the car - laughing all the way.

We did much more exploring and discovering and marveling at life and creation that day and the next. I was so restored and alive again because I was able to do this with these beautiful ones I get to call my family.  All of this is blessing - poured out on us by the one who loves us - and you. Did you notice the thread that is common with this trip? - Fountains.  Water poured out for us, on us, in us by Jesus. I am so in awe of this King. We had a theme song that Hannah (our DJ while travelling) played often on this latest adventure and it sums all of this up - click here to  listen.

May the one who gives living water to all who ask bless you -and may all of us who get busy take time to drink it.


Saturday, July 13, 2013


One of the things we love to do as a family is camp.  About 7 years ago Marshall came home from work and told me we had the opportunity to purchase a 21 foot camper dirt cheap.  I told him there was no need for us to have a trailer as I  had grown up as a "city gal" and had no intention of going camping.  After some smooth talking he finally talked me into giving camping a try and so we purchased the trailer.

Our trailer is not fancy by any means.  We always seem to pull up next to people who have bigger rigs with fewer children.  The trailer actually served our family quite well until about 3 years ago when the kids got a little bigger. These days most of the children sleep outside under the stars and mom gets the trailer to herself!  I really kinda like that set up.

It is quite an experience going camping for the first time when you have children from another country.  Jacob had never seen a trailer before so his eyes really lit up when Marshall pulled into our driveway with the trailer attached to the car.  It seems as though there isn't anyway to explain something like a travel trailer to a child who has lived in an orphanage his entire life.

Last weekend we hitched up our trailer and went out to the forest.  Many memories were made as is the case every time we camp.  Spending the weekend relaxing with no phone, computer or radio is exactly what the body needs. Eating s'mores, sleeping under the stars, no shower for three days is what life is all about.  So thankful we have been given the gift of sharing camping with our children.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Family of Seven

After a long  year of waiting the day has finally arrived.  We are "officially" a family of  seven!

Let us introduce you to Jacob Ford Worthey who is named after my wonderful grandfather.

Every adoption is different, just like every child is different.  For some reason, it seemed as though the "day" would never get here.

Jacob brings so much joy to our family. He enjoys being silly with his siblings. He fits right in.

He now has a family to call his own. Brothers and sisters who love him.

And a mom and dad who think the world of him.

Yes, Jacob your last name is now Worthey.  We knew you were ours the minute you told us, "Naomi is my best friend...I love America...take me with you."

We came to get you as soon as we could.  There were many people praying for you to come to our family quickly.

God has a plan for your life.  Never again will you be alone. Never again will you have to wonder if you matter to anyone.

You are now part of a family - our family.  We promise to love you, watch over you and teach you all about life.  You are a gift to us.  Welcome to the family Jacob Ford Worthey.  Let the fun and adventure really begin!

Mom and Dad

Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Jacob

It's official -- we now have four teenagers in the home. Jacob turns the big 13 today. We are officially outnumbered by teens.

Thirteen years ago today a woman gave birth to a little boy. Halfway around the world, in a different country, a woman chose life for the child she was carrying. We don't know much about this woman  but we are forever grateful to her. Because of her choice, we are the proud parents of the most precious boy we could ever imagine.  Life - how often we overlook what it truly means.

It's been quite the year having Jacob in our family.  We have seen him grow in so many different areas.  He now knows how to add, subtract and multiply.  He is learning English at a remarkable rate and constantly brings laughter into the family as his vocabulary continues to grow.  Sometimes the things he says are SO funny! 

We continue to wait  for the day when we will stand in  front of a judge and declare publicly that we are blessed by Jacob being in our family. It seems like it has taken a long time.  For today, however, we will celebrate our son by eating Adobo tonight and opening gifts. Shh...don't tell ....Jacob's getting that fishing reel he has been eyeing for awhile.  

Happy Birthday Jacob...we love you so very much and are so thankful to the Lord for bringing you into our family.  

Monday, March 25, 2013

And We Wait...

God does amazing things when you step out and follow His call on your life.  Sometimes, you don't see those things right away.  In fact, often times you don't see the real benefits until years later.  This week I am beginning to see the amazing things God is doing in the life of so many friends. We all play a part of in God's overall plan for His children.  Some of us are called to adopt, some of us are called to lead groups, some of us are called to simply be that listening ear and encourager  when the hard times come.  Whatever part you are playing - please know that what you are doing really matters.

I just found out that yet another friend of mine is adopting.  Honestly, when we first felt the "call" six years ago, I would have never thought friends of mine would walk in my shoes.  I was the first in "my circle" to even think about adopting.  Quite honestly, many people thought we were absolutely crazy to consider bringing an older child into our home.  People REALLY began to question our sanity when we told our friends that we were taking the plunge yet another time and bringing a pre-adolescent boy into the family.  I think many friends just about fell over with that news. However, we followed the call and are now the proud parents of two Philippine children.  What a gift we have been given!

I had a friend write to me the other day and tell me  they were thinking of adopting.  I had someone else tell me that because of  this blog they are considering adoption as well.  It is humbling to think God would use a family with no money, a family that only has a three bedroom home and 5 children to make a difference.  The bottom line is - you don't need to wait until you have money or more bedrooms.  If you wait until the "perfect time" you will be waiting a LONG time.  Who knows?  God maybe using your story to impact another life - just like God has used our story to impact others.  So, stop sitting on the fence and begin living the life God has called you to live.  There are so many children who need people who are willing to go the extra mile and do the hard things so that they can have a family to call their own.  Why wait any longer?

I am so thankful we have had the opportunity to tell our adoption story.  Our story is just beginning. I can't wait to share more.  Please continue to pray for us as we continue to wait for our fingerprints to come back. It is at that time when we can go to court to finalize Jacob Ford Worthey's adoption. We will keep you up to date for sure. Until then...we wait.


Naomi when she came over for the summer to visit - then known as Mitzi

Naomi this summer  - three years in America

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jailbreak, Freedom, Adoption, Commission...LIFE!

So I saw this today. How amazing. You can make an argument that this is the "life cycle" of adoption. Adoption is really the gospel acted out. Remember "... if you try to imitate in your own strength, you will be a miserable replica. But if you allow the impartation of Jesus Christ to overtake you, suddenly it all works because it is Him imitating Himself, and He is very good at being God.”

And whatever you do  whether its to adopt, to serve, bless others, intercede for those that need it, love the unlovable, listen when no one else will, carry someone else's burden, teach, heal, or whatever - let him overtake you today....

Yep - still waiting on finger prints ...


Monday, February 4, 2013

And We Wait

I just wanted to touch base with you all regarding the happenings in our home.  Simply put...nothing has happened.  We are STILL waiting for our fingerprints to come back from our government.  We sent them in way back at the beginning of October and as of today we haven't heard jack.  We are extremely frustrated at how long it takes to get things done at the government level.  Not too mention the stress it has on all of us as we wait.  I would love to have the opportunity one day to share how important it is for these older children to not have to wait so long to go to court for the finalization.  So, until the day comes...we wait and wait and wait.

We will continue to post as needed.  For now, please pray with us that our government will see how important it is for them to get things moving along.  I know a little 12 year old who is just dying to become an official "Worthey".

Also, please continue to pray for all of the families who are going through the adoption process - whether it be the beginning stages or the at home stage - things are often times very heart wrenching.  Pray for the children who wait for their forever family.  And, remember that you can make a difference in the life of a child.

I am posting one of my favorite adoption videos again.  This one always touches my heart - even though I have seen it a hundred times.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Shoes

Finally!  It seems like there isn't enough hours in the day, week or month  to sit down and catch you all up on the happenings in our home.  Call it busy, call it normal or call it adjusting to our new life, whatever you decide to call it - the bottom line is - things have been CRAZY around here. People always ask "how are you guys? How is Jacob adjusting to life in America"?  I wanted to write this post to answer some of the questions I know you guys are wanting to know.

Jacob has been in our family and in America going on 8 months now.  Man, time sure goes by quickly!   There have been ups and downs in those 8 months, and things haven't always gone the way I think they should have gone. However, that is how life is, isn't it?  We set out to do things, things that we know we are called to do and then just expect them to be easy. I wish it were that simple.  Just because we follow what God has called us to do doesn't mean things will go perfectly. However, HIS plans are always the best.  Just like every child and every pregnancy  is different; so is every adoption.  Adopting an older child who has spent his entire life in an orphanage setting is quite different than adopting a younger child who has been in a foster family. Adjusting to being in a new country and the dynamics that come with a family is often times difficult for an older child. One of the things we have noticed is that Jacob always wants to be around us.  That is a good thing you say.  Yes, to some degree it is...however, there is plenty of space in the house .  Playing legos and making the fighting noises in front of mom when she just wants to relax is not necessarily the best thing.  Just saying. Another thing we have noticed is that Jacob needs to know exactly when we are going to do something, how long it will take and when we will get back. Time and being on schedule was a big deal in the orphanage. However, in the Worthey family time runs a little differently and  is there really such a thing as a schedule? 

I have come to believe that adoption postpartum is a real thing.  Seriously. You spend all this time and energy getting your child home and then - just like that - they are here and part of the family.  It is then you realize that things are not like you had hoped.  They are forever different.    I have spent time praying, crying and asking God why this isn't all I thought it would be.  How come this adoption isn't like the other?  His reply often comes at the strangest times. Yesterday it came to me.  We went shopping to get Jacob a new pair of tennis shoes.  Getting tennis shoes for Jacob  is something  I thought would be like the other times we have gotten shoes for our kids..  However, with Jacob, it was different.  To see the smile that came upon his face as he picked them out and put them on really touched my heart.  To watch him jump up and down and run ahead of the rest of us just because he had his new shoes on spoke to me.  I know it was the Lord saying to me..."see, I have made Jacob, created him for just a time such as this to be in your family - to be loved by you and for you to show him My love for him."  I realized then that all of my selfish desires, all the wanting things just like they were with Naomi wasn't going to be. And, for once, that was just fine.

Jacob is a blessing and a gift that we have been given by the Lord.  God has big plans for our child, plans I can't even begin to imagine.  I know that all the struggles we go through are just preparing us for something much bigger and greater than what is happening right now.  All the frustrations I have when the kids run around and scream in this part of the house or the constant reminder to Jacob that girls are NOT he's but she's - are all part of God's bigger plan. What a privilege to say that we had a small part in the story of rescuing one of God's children and giving him the opportunity to live life and live life to its full.

One another note...please pray for us as we wait for the last piece of the adoption process.  We have been given the consent to adopt Jacob, but are waiting on our government to process our fingerprints.  This is taking about 16 weeks for whatever reason.  Once we get that last piece, we can schedule our court day.  At that time we can "officially" announce and show you all the pictures of Jacob Ford Worthey.  Praying that day comes soon.

Jacob's new shoes!

Aren't they nice?