Saturday, May 6, 2017

Levi, Josiah, and Issac

Name. Its the doorway to our identity.  It's how others know us and it's often how we know ourselves. We've noticed something in our adoptions.  When a child is adopted the adoption becomes a rebirth of sorts in their lives.  Old things like the orphanage, wishing you had a family, feeling unloved and not connected...these things pass away.  What remains is a new person who is loved and who belongs.  We have watched this deep transformation twice.  First with Naomi who was called 'Mitzi' when we adopted her.  And then with Jacob...

I will never forget when we were united with him at the orphanage.  And that moment we were driving away with him with the RSCC fading fast in the rear view mirror...  "What did you call me when you were working on adopting me?"  "Jacob." His mother replied.  And then it happened ..."Call me Jacob."  There it was... a transformation from the old order of things to new.  He never referred to himself as Razel again.

Jacob, Naomi, Hannah, Josh and Noah in the car leaving the word Orphan behind
When you adopt from the Philippines you are not allowed to share names or pictures of the children you hope to adopt.  So we can't share their 'real names' with you.  We can only tell you that they are nine, eight and seven years old.  Brothers.  We have a picture of them and what we love most is that you can see these brothers are tight.  They are close.  Three boys with jet black hair, dark brown eyes and hopeful smiles.  They want a family and they know that this picture they are posing for is the first step in an uncertain and hopeful journey to find home.  The oldest, protective and kind, stands next to his younger brothers who are arm in arm, smiling and hopeful.  Then you look down...the oldest is holding the youngest's hand.  "It's ok" I think he's saying...  I love this picture.

So we have named them and can't wait to tell you about them. First there is Levi, the oldest.  Levi means to join' or 'to be joined' in Hebrew.  We can't wait until he is joined with us.  Second there is Josiah which means 'healed by Jehovah' or Jehovah will support.  We are looking forward to the day that they are healed and supported by a family and more importantly by the High King himself.  The third is Issac. Issac means 'laughter' or 'he laughs'.  There will be the laughter and love of a family.

Its coming.  We're coming.  We thank God and we're happy because soon...another rebirth - another three to be exact.

Marshall and Lorrie