Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A Miracle

Do you believe in miracles? We certainly do. Today my family witnessed a miracle. Before I explain, let me back up a bit.

A year ago Marshall and I celebrated our 24th Wedding Anniversary. Over dinner conversation we started talking about what the next season of our life would be like. After all, we are getting older, our kids are growing up and even moving out. Things are changing. Basically, we asked ourselves these questions..." Where do we want to be living? What do we want to be doing? and What brings us the most joy? " You see, neither one of us can imagine being that typical "retired American couple." We both realized at that moment what we wanted these next years to look like. The thing that brings us the most joy in life is family. Specifically, children and adoption. So, that led us to a conversation about the possibility of adopting again - someday. End of conversation for awhile.

Fast forward to January of this year. We were sitting around the campfire asking ourselves the same questions we had asked back in March. This time though we involved our children. We asked our daughters first what they thought about us adopting again. Both of them looked at each other and then replied..." we would love to be big sisters BUT we really don't want anymore girls in the house." After talking with the boys we decided to begin the process of adopting a sibling group of boys. We thought 2 brothers. God brought us 3 brothers...Levi, Josiah and Isaac.

From the beginning we knew that the biggest obstacle to adopting these brothers was going to be the financial cost of the adoption itself. After all, the cost of adopting one child is a lot, three children seemed impossible. However, we took the plunge, stepped out in faith and trusted that the Lord would provide what was needed to complete the adoption of these boys into our family if this was his will for our family. We got the word out and started a GoFund me site. I started cleaning houses and babysitting - all for a donation to the adoption. More and more people found out about our adoption and more and more people donated to help bring our boys home.

God is faithful. He will (and did) provide ALL we need....

Our miracle came today when we received the total amount needed to completely fund God's adoption of these precious boys! Hallelujah! To God be the glory for the great things He has done! You should have seen us celebrating God's provision to our family this afternoon when we realized what He had done. We were definitely a sight to be seen as we were dancing around the kitchen and yelling "thank you Jesus" over and over.

     And this same time God, who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus. Philippines 4:19

     Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.  Ephesians 3:20

When my faith wavered God was there. When I questioned if we were doing the right thing ( adopting 3! at 50?!)  God listened. When I had doubts that the money wouldn't come in God provided. Do you want to know the greatest thing? He used you to accomplish His will for our family. He did this through your love, your prayers and your giving. Wow! So I will ask you again. Do you believe in miracles? You definitely should because nothing is impossible with God. Thank you Lord!

Rejoice with us tonight.

One last thing....
As we continue moving through the adoption process would you please pray specifically for:
- An expedient turn a round of our I-800A . We found out today that our case has been assigned to an officer to handle. That's great news!
- Protection over the boys while they wait. Pray that God is working on their heart to give them a desire to join our family.
- Funding for our travel and expenses while in the Philippines. We will have 3 people going over and 6 people coming home. We estimate that we will need about 8,000.00. We will be continuing our fundraising efforts for this last step.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

For Others....

Lately it seems like many of my friends and people that they love have been experiencing some sort of suffering in their lives.  One prays for a companion for years, and then the companion is diagnosed with Cancer.  Another calls me, feeling helpless as he watched his bride grapple with the fact that her mother and her best friend has cancer.  Another...a colleague at work ...someone both very young and very close to them is also very ill with a life threatening ailment.  And still another, the most selfless man I know just about beats one serious and debilitating episode and then is hit with another serious illness.  And now as I write this, hundreds are dealing with a senseless act of violence in Las Vegas.

Why all of this suffering?

We all have been on the bed of suffering.  Paul told us again and again -its going to happen and for us to endure it. Easier said than done.

I was talking to one of my friends today who is suffering and in a way even worse - watching someone he loves suffer. And then I remembered when I wrote about suffering when Jacob was sick -in a post called "Suffering Reveals Jesus".  I sent him the post and I encouraged him - I told him what I experienced when someone said the word 'cancer' and how it took Lorrie and I about a month to recover from that blow: 'Jacob has Leukemia' and then how Jesus showed up and walked with us.  I also told him what I learned about suffering;  namely that it reveals Jesus to us.

I encouraged him as best I could.  After we hung up - I re-read that post as it still hung in the browser...

"We readily accept the good from God. Why then do we have such a hard time accepting suffering? Me included - I have a hard time with it. Why do we think that any of us will somehow avoid it?
Suffering reveals Jesus - that is why none of us will avoid it. It is, believe it or not -a mercy. It drives us to the King when we are too stubborn to go on our own. It strips me of all of the things that I place between Jesus and me - so its just me and him. It is only then that I am ready to accept the mercies Jesus gives me during the suffering -and I am certain the blessings after suffering. Not just for ourselves but for others."

I was dumbstruck.  "Not just for ourselves but for others."  And now I see it.  I've told you all that we were blessed and we received mercies from Jesus when Jake was sick.  I had given no thought to: "... but for others."  

And yet, here it is... Jesus's story as told through Jacob has come full circle  - for others.  Praise God for others....

Amazed at and in AWE of this Jesus..


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Why Indeed...An Update for You

Many people ask me 'why' when I tell them we're adopting these boys. Why indeed.  I've thought about that question a lot over the past nine months...why?  I often have to drive to Denver for my job.  I love that drive because it gives me 1.5 hours absolutely alone with  Jesus.  On my last trip I prayed the 'why'....

"Use this Jesus to tell your story.  Don't let this be about Lorrie and I.  Don't let this be about us.  When people see and hear what you are doing Jesus please take the honor, please take the praise, please take what you are worthy of...all of it.  

When people want to say "what a nice family"  let them say instead "what an amazing Savior:"  

When people hear about this and think "how are they possibly going to afford that?" let them remember that you are Jehovah Jireh (the Lord will Provide). 

When people wonder "how can they adopt and love three kids they've never met?" let them remember that you are Jehovah El Roi (The God who sees me).  

This is your story Jesus, we're just blessed enough to be in it.  Proclaim your name, get the glory because you are Worthy and it is your story."

Many of you know how this story started...with Naomi and then Jacob, his life and his victory over death.  When he went home I didn't close his email - I set up and 'out of office' notification instead. Every now and then I send an email to him...just to remember that part of the story. Here is that exchange....

So there you go - that's why.  We're doing it.  

So you probably would like an update.  We're still raising funds.  We have a couple of fundraisers coming up.  First, Lorrie has taken on a bit of child care to raise some money which has been a blessing - we call the young fella Hankus Pankus - he's awesome and it's a blessing to have him here twice a week.  Lorrie has also raised some funds cleaning houses - so if you need help give us a call! Finally we'll be doing a fundraiser at the Swiss Chalet Restaurant in Woodland Park, CO the second Monday in October.  If we pack the house we might just be able to make a pretty good dent in what we need (we'll post that event here and on Lorrie's Facebook once we have more details.  We'd love to see you there for a nice dinner (the place is amazing) and to hear more about adoption and what God is doing in this story.

We Love You All,


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Back to Brent's

This past weekend we traveled to Denver to support an event called "Kids Cure".  This event benefits Brent's Place - a place born out of the tragedy of loosing a son to cancer that has blessed so may people since it started in 1997.

Our family hung out with some of the bravest people you will ever meet - families who are battling with cancer - some winning, some losing -but all victorious.  We walked the route of the event that was lined with pictures of kids who have stayed or are staying at Brent's as they battle illness that could take their lives.

The first picture we came to was Jacobs - first in line and would you believe it?  He had the CU band playing behind him...Just like Jake to have a band.  I'm just awestruck how Jesus and Jacob probably arranged this - just to see us smile.  And smile we did knowing full well Jacob's fine and we're doing well too.

Jacob with the Band

While there we had the great pleasure of meeting the Eleys - who lost Brent and allowed the Almighty to turn something so awful into something so beautiful.  In my conversation with Donn, I listened as he told me how and why Brent's Place started.  His honesty struck me -he seemed almost surprised that this ministry has become so pivotal in so many families lives.

That's kind of how it works isn't it?  We start out well intentioned to do a 'great work' for God and it fizzles.   But when we just let the King of the Universe use our brokenness, our loss and our complete inability to deal -that is where the great work happens.  And do you know why?  Apart from him there is no 'good' thing - He is the 'good thing'.

My favorite part of my conversation with Donn is when I told him about our story that unfolded behind the walls and in the inner rooms of Brent's Place.  It was so great to be able to tell him how his loss was shaped for good to make our loss more bearable. Mystery -right? But if you think about how God works - if you really look at things - like our Jacob story - like Brent's story you start to get a real picture of who God is and just a wee bit of a glance at is character.  So - here's a shout out to Donn and Linda - You look like Jesus to me.

So adoption update:  We're a little closer to bringing Levi, Josiah and Issac home.  Pray for us - for provision and a straight road home.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Staying Together

We first saw their picture about 5 months ago when we decided to step out of our comfort zone once again and adopt. What struck us the most about these boys was the way they were standing in the picture. They were not separate as you would imagine them to be. They were linked arm in arm. You could tell they were close. There was no way they could be separated. They would have to be adopted together.

Three brothers ages 9, 8 and 7 have spent their entire childhood in an orphanage. Their days are filled with the routine that comes with orphanage living.   These boys have never experienced the love that comes with being part of a family. They haven't been tucked into bed at night or been told good morning when they wake up.  They haven't been hugged on or tickled so much that it hurt.  They haven't been anyone's special. They wait day after day to hear the words "someone is coming for you. You have a family to call your own."

When our family decided to adopt again, we knew a sibling group would be the best fit for our family at this time.  Since Naomi will be graduating in a few years, and heading out on her own, we realized how important it would be for our adopted child to have siblings around.  For this reason, we purposely, searched for a sibling group of boys. ( both of our girls prefer to keep the "sister bond" between them). We thought two. God said three.  When we read the information on these precious brothers and then saw the picture of them linking arms, we knew they were the ones God had chosen for our family.  We found out about them, and we couldn't get them out of our mind. So, here we are....

Stepping out of the familiar.  Saying "yes" to something difficult.  Trusting the Lord all the way.

Will there be hard times? Yes.  Will we question what we are doing? Most likely.  However, we know that this is God's story to be written.  It's just beginning but I know its going to be the BEST story yet.


Saturday, May 6, 2017

Levi, Josiah, and Issac

Name. Its the doorway to our identity.  It's how others know us and it's often how we know ourselves. We've noticed something in our adoptions.  When a child is adopted the adoption becomes a rebirth of sorts in their lives.  Old things like the orphanage, wishing you had a family, feeling unloved and not connected...these things pass away.  What remains is a new person who is loved and who belongs.  We have watched this deep transformation twice.  First with Naomi who was called 'Mitzi' when we adopted her.  And then with Jacob...

I will never forget when we were united with him at the orphanage.  And that moment we were driving away with him with the RSCC fading fast in the rear view mirror...  "What did you call me when you were working on adopting me?"  "Jacob." His mother replied.  And then it happened ..."Call me Jacob."  There it was... a transformation from the old order of things to new.  He never referred to himself as Razel again.

Jacob, Naomi, Hannah, Josh and Noah in the car leaving the word Orphan behind
When you adopt from the Philippines you are not allowed to share names or pictures of the children you hope to adopt.  So we can't share their 'real names' with you.  We can only tell you that they are nine, eight and seven years old.  Brothers.  We have a picture of them and what we love most is that you can see these brothers are tight.  They are close.  Three boys with jet black hair, dark brown eyes and hopeful smiles.  They want a family and they know that this picture they are posing for is the first step in an uncertain and hopeful journey to find home.  The oldest, protective and kind, stands next to his younger brothers who are arm in arm, smiling and hopeful.  Then you look down...the oldest is holding the youngest's hand.  "It's ok" I think he's saying...  I love this picture.

So we have named them and can't wait to tell you about them. First there is Levi, the oldest.  Levi means to join' or 'to be joined' in Hebrew.  We can't wait until he is joined with us.  Second there is Josiah which means 'healed by Jehovah' or Jehovah will support.  We are looking forward to the day that they are healed and supported by a family and more importantly by the High King himself.  The third is Issac. Issac means 'laughter' or 'he laughs'.  There will be the laughter and love of a family.

Its coming.  We're coming.  We thank God and we're happy because soon...another rebirth - another three to be exact.

Marshall and Lorrie

Friday, April 21, 2017

So for those of you who have guessed....

Story.  Its how we tell someone about our lives.   We're all caught up in a story - an Epic as I mentioned in my last post.  Jesus is writing and we're in it.

Here is the next chapter...A few months ago, Lorrie and I both began to feel a familiar  tug on our hearts - a familiar voice..."Your story, the one I'm telling did not end with Jacob.  There's more... I want you to adopt again".

"Seriously God?"  "Yep".

Lorrie tells me... "I'm thinking a sibling group".  I'm a little stunned..."uhhh really?"  She's convinced. So we agree two more..."yeah sure we can do that.."  So we go to our adoption agency and tell them we're adopting again.  That call started the flow of dossiers (think stories) of sibling groups needing adoption from the Philippines. We reviewed each one but it was like Jesus was over our shoulder..."keep looking".

In a few weeks I was called away on business to Utah.  Now I rarely get on airplane wifi, but this time for some reason I did.  There in my inbox was another dossier for me to look at.  Unknown to me at the time Lorrie was also looking at it.  Three boys...Lorrie fell in love with them but also said to herself - "Marshall will never go for three" .  Here I am at 30,000 feet and I read their story... the oldest wants to be a priest to tell people about Jesus, the middle boy wants to be a teacher and the youngest - he's afraid of what God will do to him for "messing up".  Instantly I said to myself..."someone needs to teach him about grace"...Jesus said "I want you to".

Boom.  Done.  We're adopting 3 boys - Nine, Eight and Seven years old.  We want you to go with us as we go...

So the story, our story....its not over.  Like I said last time we believe our story is an Epic. It is an Epic written by Jesus.

More to Come!

Marshall and Lorrie

God sets the lonely in families,he leads out the prisoners with singing
Psalm 68:6