Monday, July 23, 2012

Finally is all I can say

First Pinoy Snow Sighting
Finally is the word for the day. Finally, I can sit down and write a WAY past due entry in our blog. Finally, I get the chance to catch you all up on the happenings in the Worthey Crew. Finally, I have a few minutes to myself to do what has needed to be done for a long time! Honestly, you know you need to do something when you wake up in the middle of the night and start thinking of your blog and having this overwhelming guilt.

I wanted to take these moments to catch all of you up on what has been going on with our family since Jacob has joined us. As you know, we got back into the states on Mother's Day - May 15th. Since then we have had many doctors visits, teeth issues and a wildfire in our backyard. To say that things haven't been normal is an under statement for sure.

We found out this week that Jacob is missing two of his permanent front teeth. Yep, no sign of them in his mouth. So, that means we head to the orthodontics to discuss treatment plans. Fortunately, we have sometime and his smile isn't too bad. More than likely, he will be put in braces to try to bring the front teeth together so that we can eventually get some fake ones in there. The good news about that dentist visit is that he only has three cavities. That is extremely good news for us considering when Naomi came to us she had severe dental issues.

Speaking of our sweet Naomi, she had to have an emergency root canal. 10 years old and is already dealing with something that many adults never have to deal with. Did I mention that she needs two root canals? Oh, did I mention that most pediatric dentists don't deal with root canals? And, did I mention that the only way to get this procedure done is by being put under AND that doesn't happen in the office setting until you are 14 years old? So teeth issues have been the majority of things taking our time around here. We are waiting for a phone call from the many dentists who have seen Naomi. They are consulting with each other as to what to do. Hey, when all of this is over and done with Naomi Worthey will be the known name around the Colorado Springs dentist offices. I really think there are four different dentist working together to figure out the best plan for our sweet Naomi.

So, you ask, how is Jacob doing? Honestly, with everything going on with the fire, with the job of being the Mayor and being evacuated it has been difficult. We have had to tell him over and over these last two months that "things don't run like this" normally. No, we don't stay up till midnight with 5 different families in one home. No, we don't eat dinner at 10:00pm. No, we don't run around and play all day everyday. There is work to be done and life isn't all about playing.

We have been off schedule for sometime now and are ready for the structure we all need. We never would have imagined how things would be. However, we have been back in our home for 19 days now and Jacob is beginning to fit right in. We are beginning to function as a family and we are beginning to see him come alive. Yes, it has been hard. Yes, it is a learning curve and yes, there are times when we don't see the progress we would like to see, but it is all so worth it.

I have come to learn that you never move ahead in life when you stay where you are. If you never step out and do something different or hard you will never reap life's full joy. It is during those trials when you begin to grow into the person God created you to be. That is what it is like around here these days. We are growing, learning and watching our Jacob being molded into family life. Such a sweet thing that is.

Finally, we are a family.