Thursday, June 1, 2017

Staying Together

We first saw their picture about 5 months ago when we decided to step out of our comfort zone once again and adopt. What struck us the most about these boys was the way they were standing in the picture. They were not separate as you would imagine them to be. They were linked arm in arm. You could tell they were close. There was no way they could be separated. They would have to be adopted together.

Three brothers ages 9, 8 and 7 have spent their entire childhood in an orphanage. Their days are filled with the routine that comes with orphanage living.   These boys have never experienced the love that comes with being part of a family. They haven't been tucked into bed at night or been told good morning when they wake up.  They haven't been hugged on or tickled so much that it hurt.  They haven't been anyone's special. They wait day after day to hear the words "someone is coming for you. You have a family to call your own."

When our family decided to adopt again, we knew a sibling group would be the best fit for our family at this time.  Since Naomi will be graduating in a few years, and heading out on her own, we realized how important it would be for our adopted child to have siblings around.  For this reason, we purposely, searched for a sibling group of boys. ( both of our girls prefer to keep the "sister bond" between them). We thought two. God said three.  When we read the information on these precious brothers and then saw the picture of them linking arms, we knew they were the ones God had chosen for our family.  We found out about them, and we couldn't get them out of our mind. So, here we are....

Stepping out of the familiar.  Saying "yes" to something difficult.  Trusting the Lord all the way.

Will there be hard times? Yes.  Will we question what we are doing? Most likely.  However, we know that this is God's story to be written.  It's just beginning but I know its going to be the BEST story yet.


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