How YOU can help us bring the boys home


There are many ways you can help Lorrie and I bring these boys home.  First and foremost you can pray.  Specific ways you can pray for us include:
  • That Christ would be made much of in this process
  • That the Lord would prepare the hearts of these three boys for a family
  • For us to remain encouraged - this is a long and often frustrating process
  • For God to smash the barriers e.g. bureaucracies etc.
  • For provision... from faith to funding
Another way to help is to give financially.  There are several ways you can give and every cent helps.  We have received donations that range from 1 dollar to a recent anonymous donation to our adoption agency of 2,000.00.  Each donation no matter how small brings Issac, Levi and Josiah a step closer to having a family.  We hope you'll join us...

If you want to help here are some avenues for you to consider.

1.  We have great news to report- We have just been selected for a $2,500 matching grant from Lifesong for Orphans, funded by We Care for Orphans - That means if you give 100 - We Care Matches it!  To offer your tax deductible and matched donation click the following link:

2. Here is another tax deductible method to support us:  To read more about Connected Hearts Ministry please click here .

3. If you're not concerned about tax deductions a fast and easy way to help can be found at our 'Go Fund Me Page' :  Go Fund Me Page 

4. You can also choose to donate directly to Hand in Hand International Adoptions (see:  in our name. Your donation would be applied directly to adoption fees for this adoption (Not Tax Deductible).  To learn more contact:

Hand In Hand – Colorado
2519 S. Shields #106
Fort Collins, CO 80526
970-226-8948 - Phone
970-223-4070 - FAX

So what are financial donations going to go toward?  Here's a breakdown:

ACTIVE PHASE NOW::::Phase 4 GOAL:  $8,000.00 to pay travel 3 over 6 back!