How YOU can help us bring the boys home


There are many ways you can help Lorrie and I bring these boys home.  First and foremost you can pray.  Specific ways you can pray for us include:
  • That Christ would be made much of in this process
  • That the Lord would prepare the hearts of these three boys for a family
  • For us to remain encouraged - this is a long and often frustrating process
  • For God to smash the barriers e.g. bureaucracies etc.
  • For provision... from faith to funding
Another way to help is to give financially.  We are currently raising funds to support travel - and now  (as of 6/28) we have the approval to go as soon as we can get there.

We'll be Flying from the US to Manila - the cost of which is hovering around 2 K per person - 4 over and 7 back...

Bottom line - we're on a short fuse and around 4K short - but we know God will provide... We hope you'll choose to get in on what He is doing.

If you want to give financially here is the best and fastest avenue for us to utilize funds for immediate travel:

Please find our 'Go Fund Me Page' :  Go Fund Me Page 

(Updated 29 June 2018)