How YOU can help us bring the boys home


There are many ways you can help Lorrie and I bring these boys home.  First and foremost you can pray.  Specific ways you can pray for us include:

  • That Christ would be made much of in this process
  • That the Lord would prepare the hearts of these three boys for a family
  • For us to remain encouraged - this is a long and often frustrating process
  • For God to smash the barriers e.g. bureaucracies etc.
  • For provision... from faith to funding
Another way to help is to give financially.  There are several ways you can give.

TAX DEDUCTABLE GIVING::::We finally have an avenue for you to give tax deductible donations click here for details.

SECOND METHOD:::::  We have established a go fund me page for those of you who want to give.  Its quick and easy to donate.  See:

Go Fund Me Page (not tax deductible)

THIRD  METHOD::::would be to donate directly to Hand in Hand International Adoptions (see:  in our name. Your donation would be applied directly to adoption fees for this adoption (Not Tax Deductible).  To learn more contact:

Hand In Hand – COLORADO

2519 S. Shields #106
Fort Collins, CO 80526
970-226-8948 - Phone
970-223-4070 - FAX

Finally, if you want to donate directly to us you can send correspondence to:

Marshall and Lorrie Worthey
PO Box 7
Green Mtn Falls, CO 80819

So what are financial donations going to go toward?  Here's a breakdown:

ACTIVE PHASE NOW::::Phase 2:  $4,700.00 to pay for in country adoption fees
Status: $50.00 Raised, $400.00 on hand now...need = $4,250  (as of 8/13)

Pending... Phase 3: $15,725 to pay for adoption agency fees

Phase 1: $2,150 to pay for the required home study  
STATUS: COMPLETE $1,095 Donated (THANK YOU!) /Balance Paid  as of 7/15/2017